Pastor: ‘Jesus is not returning to earth’


Yesterday, I found an article written by a retired US Baptist minister Rev. Howard Bess, who lives in Palmer (Alska). In the article Bess challenges Christianity’s belief in the ‘Advent‘ or the second-coming of Christ as a ‘Savior’. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming” or “visit”. Read Rev. Howard Bess’ article here.

We are in the middle of Advent season though few Christians can explain what it is all about.  In-depth understanding of Advent escapes most believers. The meaning of the season gets swallowed up by Santa Claus and the commercialization of Christmas. In fact, Advent does not appear in church history until the 8th Century when it surfaced as a response to a massive wave of anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ to establish a righteous kingdom on earth. People started feverishly to prepare themselves to greet the Messiah King who would rule the world. But Jesus did not return to earth in that century,”says Rev. Bess.

Then Rev. Bess makes a wake-up call to Christians, saying: “Write this down in bold type: Jesus is not returning to earth to set up a righteous kingdom.” Bess assertion seems to base on Talmudic teaching which claims that Jesus was hanged for being an “imposter” (sic) – and he is living in hell-fire.

Christians, especially the 65 million Evangelists, who believe that Christ will return only when Jews gather in the Holy Land and will convert them to Christianity by force or kill them. Catholics believe Jesus will establish a great Christian empire in the world and bring their ‘Salvation‘.

Muslims also believe that prophet Isa (as) will return to earth and die a natural death for being a human-being (creation of Allah). Furthermore, they expect him to lead Muslims against the tyrany of Dajjal (Anti-Christ).

In the Bible material, God went looking for Abraham, Moses, David, the prophets, and Paul. Disciples did not come looking for Jesus; Jesus went looking for disciples. The God of the Bible is an intruder,” claims Rev. Bess.

This not true. All prophets were born for their future divine mission. In the life before claiming to be a ‘Messenger’, they all proved to be honest, truthful and pious people. Furthermore, St. Paul, though the founder of modern Christianity, never claimed to be a prophet. The God of Bible cannot be an “intruder”, because Bible is not His message, but written by the “interested people” as claimed by Dr. Robert Funk and many other Christian theologians.

Rev. Bess is author of the 1995 controversial book ‘Pastor, I Am Gay‘, in which he wrote: “Look back at the life of our Lord Jesus. He was misunderstood, deserted, unjustly accused, and cruelly killed. Yet we all confess that it was the will of God, for by his wounds we are healed. Could it be that the homosexual, obedient to the will of God, might be the church’s modern day healer-messiah?” I’m not sure if Rev. Bess agrees with some Jewish writers who believe that since both Jesus and St. Paul never married – they could have been gays!”

According to Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts, the “Advent” is considered a Catholic thing. Protestants don’t address it as it has no money value like Christmas – and Eastern Orthodox Christians do not recognize Advent at all.

A great majority of 1.8 billion Christians believe that Jesus died on Cross as a Savior of humanity. However, one finds several others, who too, are believed by some, died in similar circumstances to be ‘Saviors’. For example:

Mithras was god of Persia (600 BC). He died to make atonement for mankind, and to take away the sins of the world. He was born on the twenty-fifth day of December, and died hanging by a tree.

Tammuz was a god of Assyria, Babylonia and Sumeria where he was known as Dumuzi. He was crucified (1160 BC) as an atonement offering: “Trust ye in God, for out of his loins salvation has come unto us’. Julius Firmicus speaks of this God rising from the dead for the salvation of the world.

Wittoba is represented in his story with nail-holes in his hands and the soles of his feet. Nails, hammers and pincers are constantly seen represented on his crucifixes and are objects of adoration among his followers in the Travancore and other southern states of India in the region of Madura.

Iao (522 BC) was crucified on a tree in Nepal. The name of this incarnate god and oriental savior occurs frequently in the holy bibles and sacred books of other countries. Some suppose that Iao is the root of the name of the Jewish God, Yehouah (Jehovah), often abbreviated to Yeho.

The Celtic Druids depict their god Hesus as having been crucified (834 BC) with a lamb on one side and an elephant on the other, and that this occurred long before the Christian era.

Alcestos was the godess of Euripides, who died at a cross in 600 BC.

Quezalcoatl was a Mexican god. He was crucified (587 BC) on a mountain.

Quirinius was Roman savior (506 BC), who crucification story is much similar to biblical story of Jesus ““ For example: he was conceived and brought up by a virgin mother; his life was sought by the reigning king, Amulius; he was of noble blood, he was put to death by crucification, and he was resurrected, and ascends back to heaven.

Crite (Redeemer) was god of Chaldea, who is mentioned in Chaldean sacred books as the “˜Ever Blessed Son of God’, the “˜Savior of the Race’, the “˜Atoning Offering for an Angry God’. He died on a cross in 1200 BC.

Prometheus (547 BC) was god of Caucasus. Historian Seneca states that he was nailed to an upright beam of timber, to which were affixed extended arms of wood, and that this cross was situated near the Caspian Straits.

Thulis (Zulis) was god of Egypt, who died on a cross around 1700 BC on an island ‘Ultima Thule’.

Indra was god of Tibet (725 BC). His mother was a virgin of black complexion and he descended from heaven on a mission of benevolence, and ascended back to the heavenly mansion after his crucifixion. He was worshiped as a god who had existed as a spirit from all eternity, and his followers were called “˜Heavenly Teachers’.

Attis was god of Phrygia (1170 BC). He was hanged on a tree, died and was buried – but he rose from his grave later.

Bali (Baliu) was god of Orissa (Asia). Monuments of his crucification (725 BC) is allegedly buried amid the ruins of the the temple in old city of Mahabalipore.


5 responses to “Pastor: ‘Jesus is not returning to earth’

  1. “Muslims also believe that prophet Isa (as) will return to earth and die a natural death for being a human-being (creation of Allah). Furthermore, they expect him to lead Muslims against the tyrany of Dajjal (Anti-Christ).”

    We all due respect to you, I don’t know where in the Holy Quran, you have found above verse.
    No body can lead Moslem against anything or anybody but God Himself. He, not jesus or anybody else, is the Savior, the leader, the protector of everything,

    • The true meaning of Holy Qur’an is what the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) explained (haddith) to his Companions – otherwise, there is no mention of car, electricity, internet or airplanes, which most Muslims use these days, in Holy Qur’an either.

      Muslims don’t have monopoly over Allah leading them. He leads only those people who struggle for their good intentions, according to Holy Qur’an.

      According to the Prophetic traditions – Jesus will re-appear as a Believer and lead the Muslim Ummah – but I don’t know who will be among the Ummah at that time – Sunnis, Wahabbis, Salaafis, Shias, Qadianis, ahle-Qur’an, etc.

  2. “no mention of car, electricity, internet or airplanes, which most Muslims use these days, in Holy Qur’an either.”

    Great post and Salam
    Beg to differ on the above comment. The word “car” is explicitly mentioned in the Holy Qur’an as “Sayyarat” the Arabic word for car. In most Hadiths relating to the end times “electricity, internet or airplanes and even the Ipod…” were mentioned but not by our 21st century names! Besides the Hadiths, Al-Ghazali, in his Ihtya Ulum ed-Dine spoke about Dhurra or atom that could (His words) Destroy whole cities…etc… In his monumental “Mekkan Revelations” AsShaikh Al Akbar Ibn Arabi described planets, spoke about intergalactic travels and other inventions we have yet to discover….

    God Bless you for your endeavors

  3. This a great thematic piece about how, in eras now gone long by us, many Christ types have worked diligently to stand in the breach between condemnation of humanity and salvation.

    Rehmat 1 makes a wonderful observation which says that Muslims do not have a monopoly on being led by ALLAH in their lives of good works.which is obvious to some but not perhaps to Salafists whose mandate of ethnic cleansing of non believers in their brand of Islam are thought to be false worshipers and hence attacked as such by militias.What epitomizes the ongoing struggle of Christ against the many inanities of organized religious tomes is this simple concept of Allah;s abiding love of those whom take care in their lives to comfort and succor the meek, disabled ,disenfranchised and poor of all faiths and races even no believers if their lives are filled with such grace are held near and dear to Allah’s heart.

    Many dont understand this simple concept of the UMMAH of Allah orALLAHUMMAH being non denominational, objectively compassionate and non racial, nationalistic or biased and without recognition of non Abrahamic peoples as children of the flock which is perhaps a natural human atrribute; we all see self as righteous and others not so much.because of our peers, locales and church upbringing in certain tenets of faith.

    What is most important to discern about Christ is it;s permanency in human cultures without bias ,and the relativity of the works of adherents to compassionate resolve to love every sister and brother on earth without reservations made falsely by errant coreligionists against this concept of unconditional love as conquering all other types of emotions in our lives..

    Asked by curious seekers as to what this Christlike human countenance provides as it;s service to humanity true believers reply to inquisitive minds simply, WE teach love.

    We all need love, give love, ask for and receive love and feel the warmth of it’s grace in our hearts and are encouraged, indeed strengthened in our own resolve to give unconditionally of the love we receive from ALLAH and from fellows.Unconditional love is contagious as it became known during many of the manifestations of the Christ over great stretches of human history and in such a state of feeling the wondrous effects of unconditional love we become willing givers of this healing gift which we all posses simply by asking Christ to sponsor our faith by his abiding love for us as children of Allah.

    T o be sure, many complex derivatives of many faiths do cloud the simplicity of Christ/s works among many generations and epics in human history as meaning something different than shared unconditional trusting love between all humans and creatures on earth which mandates that those enriched ought to give down to those impoverished and trust Christ’s own words rather than interpretive italics involved with political aspirations of select groups of wealthy or empowered quasi believers.

    To opine that the crucified person of Nazareth was an evil imposter is obviously a Talmudic slight against this simple concept and if we are wise we see not only the oppression this wreaks in Palestinians lives but also easily understand the grave depredation this ludicrous bigotry visits on Jews stuck in this awful manufactured consent to destroy human life because it is about Christs message to all of humanity Jews included, that espouses that all are equal, none lessor or greater in Allah’s eyes nor are any more precious than any others in Allah’s heart save for they which return Allah’s grace given them to widows and orphans rather than creating widows and orphans by their selfish abuses of human life for very specious and false claims on monopoly of Allah’s grace as theirs alone which is blasphemy against the Christ and does draw scorn to those afflicted.

    Salvation, or the teaching of humans that they must not self condemn their lives but self enrich them with loving grace even after grave sinning of transgression against morality ,which is writ large in our minds if we accept it as “good Jews” which is all that there is to Christs message, to be good and share this goodness in our lives unconditionally with all of humanity. Being nice people includes us in the UMMAH and as we progress and learn how best to share our love we grow in both grace and in humility at once, for it is written that they whom humbly serve all with grace and compassion are the peacmakers and they shall see Allah, which is to say that Allah respects not the fancy ring or title but the best of good hearts.

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