How South Africans became ‘antisemites’?


Because, some leaders of the ruling ANC government are voicing their criticism of Israel, says James Kirchick, at Jewish daily Forward, December 12, 2012. James Kirchick is a fellow with the ‘Foundation for the Defence of Democracies’, an Israeli advocacy group funded by Jew billionaires like Edgar Bronfman, Michael Steinhardt, Haim Saban, and others. Established just after 9/11, the group has been a major driving force behind America’s wars on Muslim nation-states, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.

Kirchick do praise Nelson Mandela for his tolerance toward South African Jews even though Mandela maintained friendship with “antisemites” like Libyan leader Qaddafi, PLO leader Yasser Arafat and fellow ANC leader Bishop Tutu – and sometime criticized Zionist regime’s treatment of native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. However, Kirchick blame the current ANC leadership for “lurching the party into antisemism“.

Interestingly, Nelson Mandela never visited Israel as President of South Africa even though he was invited by Tel Aviv four times. He visited Israel in October 1999 after retiring from politics. He met then prime minister Ehud Barak and told him that Israel must turn Arab lands it occupied in 1967 for Arabs’ recognition of state of Israel.

On Februrary 1, 2003, Morton A. Klein president of the Zionist Organization of America, blasted Nelson Mandela for supporting Palestinian resistance to Israel while defending Iraq, Libya and Iran.

I wonder why Kirchick did not mention MP Rev. Kenneth Meshoe, the founder of the African Christian Democratic Party, which has three seats in South African parliament. In October 2012, the good-old pastor visited Israel and told his Jewish hosts that the reason he established the party was to re-establish the brotherly bonds which existed between South Africa and Israel during the White rule in Africa. He also criticized Bishop Tutu for equating Israel with the former apatheid South African regime.

Kirchick believes ANC government is antsemitic because it supports the BDS movement, believes Israel being an apartheid state, its deputy foreign minister Ebrahim Ebrahim had advised South African tourist to boycott Israel and Bishop Desmond Tutu asked United Methodist Church to boycott Israeli good made by the illegal settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Kirchick is right that ANC has always been pro-Palestinian. But he shied away to tell why? ANC represents Africans who carried out armed struggle against European occupiers. Palestinians are doing the same thing. That’s why ANC understands PLO more than anyone else.

Achmad Cassiem, the only teenage prisoner at the notorious prison on Robben Island along with Nelson Mandela is known by his nickname ‘Muslim Mandela’. In a 2002 interview, Cassiem advised Palestinians resistance groups fighting against the Zionist entity: “Don’t make maximum sacrifies for minimum gains – if you’re going to make maximum sacrifices demand maximum gains”.

Under White rule, South Africa was the first African nation to recognize Israel. Both countries collaborated on their secret nuclear bomb projects. When ANC took power, Nelson Mandela ordered the closure of country’s nuclear program for military usage. South Africa also provided launching pad for European Jewish armed terrorist groups during 1946-48.

Kirchick concluded his article by saying: “Yasser Arafat was not Nelson Mandela”. I bet if Kirchick had asked Mandela’s opinion – he would have replied: “David Ben Gurion was neither Yasser Arafat nor Nelson Mandela”. Because these two leaders lead their people to fight the invaders while Gurion lead the Jews to occupy a foreign land.

Israel and South Africa maintain diplomatic relations. Israeli Mossad still have loyal friends within South African security services. One of its agent Sylvia Raphael, a South African-born Christian with a Jewish father, spent five years in a Norwegian prison for taking part in terrorist activities.

The malevolent apartheid regime of South Africa is perhaps where the Jewish supremacist entity’s ties were the strongest. In South Africa, Jews benefited and thrived under the racist regime’s protection, maintaining and strengthening their ties with the Zionist entity. The Board of Deputies of South African Jewry, a major Zionist Lobby front on the African continent, declared “neutrality” in regards to apartheid so Jewish interests weren’t compromised. The “Israeli” security establishment saw the relationship with South Africa so vital in fact that, it actually believed the ties saved the Jewish “state” from extinction. The Zionist entity didn’t just provide a plethora of arms to the apartheid regime, it “created the South African arms industry.” Zionist occupation officers also assisted Pretoria with its operations (read: atrocities) in Angola and, from the illegal Jews-only colony of Kibbutz Beit Alfa, “Israel” developed a profitable industry selling anti-riot vehicles to the apartheid regime. Most astoundingly, Zionism provided South Africa with nuclear technology and expertise, helping it build its own miniature nuclear arsenal. Needless to say, every drop of South African blood spilled by the apartheid regime, especially in its last days, is on the hands of “Israel“, wrote Jonathan Azazia, May, 2012. Read the rest of article here.


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