Three Wise Jews: Obama to attack Iran in 2014

SamIransend[1]On December 6, three wise Jews, who served as foreign policy advisers to the White House, met at a dinner party arranged in their honor in a New York hotel by the Washington-based Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), a spin-off the powerful Jewish Israel Lobby (AIPAC). The three were Dennis Ross, senior adviser to Obama on Iran until last year, Elliot Abrams, convicted deputy national security adviser to president Dubya Bush and James F. Jeffrey, former US ambassador to Turkey and Iraq. Jeffrey joined WINEP a few months ago.

The wise Jews told their Zionist Jew host, Robert Satloff, director WINEP that if Iran doesn’t stop its enrichment activities by the end of 2013 – United States will attack the Islamic Republic in 2014.

I think there is the stomach in this administration, and this President, that if diplomacy fails, force will be used,” said Dennis Ross.

I think if we don’t get a negotiated settlement, and these guys are actually on the threshold as Obama said during the campaign, then the president is going to take military action,” said Jeffrey. He also predicted the decision will come halfway through 2013.

Elliott Abrams, as senior adviser to GOP’s vice-president nominee Rep. Paul Ryan argued in August 2012 that neither Zionist regime nor Iranian regime think the Obama administration is “serious” about attacking Iran and the only way to push Obama to do that would be having pro-Israel dominated Congress vote for war.

Dennis Ross is a counselor at WINEP which produces most hawkish anti-Iran-Syria propaganda for Israeli interests in the region. For example, Patrick Clawson, director of research at WINEP, had suggested in September 2012 that United States should “manufacture a situation” that would require Washington to take military action against Iran. Interestingly, the group’s managing director is an Islamophobe Hindu, Michael singh. Dennis has been predicting American military attack on Iran since Obama entered the White House four years ago. Read more on these Evil-doers, here.

James Jeffrey, while ambassador in Baghdad, in July 2011, constructed the lie about Tehran providing arms to Iraqi Shia resistance against US occupation forces. Jeffrey’s agenda was to use the lie as a reason for US forces to stay in Iraq to protect Israeli interests in the region. On July 7, 2011, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen repeated Jeffrey’s propaganda lie. Some analysts said it’s mere posturing by the Obama administration ahead of the elections to show that the president would take a tough line on Iran.

The three wise Jews are also members of powerful Israel advocacy group Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Israeli Zionist Jew author, Barry Chamish, who admitted in August 2012 that Israel indeed committed 9/11 has called the CFR’s Jews murderers with Israeli and Arab blood on their hands. Read his 2004 article here.


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