Congo and the West-Israel Financial Holocaust

The Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) has re-emerged on the radar of the West’s recolonization of African continent. The rebel M23 militia fighting against the pro-Israel government of Laurent Desire Kabila is gaining ground. The western press blames Rwanda and Uganda for supporting the rebels while ignoring the fact that it’s the US which used both Rwanda and Uganda in its proxy war against Zaire president Col. Joeph Mobutu after his 32-year rule and brought Kabila in power.

Last year, Zionists-led anti-Muslim ‘Save Darfur’ campaign not only helped in the break-up of Africa’s largest Muslim country Sudan – but also generated more than $50 million for the construction of illegal Jewish settlements on land stolen from native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. Now, some pro-Israel groups like the International Crises Group, Center for American Progress, International Rescue Committee, ENOUGH! –  have started a ‘Raise Hope For Congo’ initiative by fabricating usual lies on behalf of multinational corporations through jingoistic sloganeering and humanistic language that offers “news” consumers exactly what they want to hear: peacekeeping, human rights, democracy, sustainable development, participatory mapping, Africa for the African people, and “never again” interventions against genocide. Read more here.

What is not mentioned; the role played by the elite of western intelligence group operatives behind the guerilla warfare from Uganda to Sudan, Rwanda and Congo. The American heroes in creating killing fields include Roger Winter, Rebecca Hamilton, professor Eric Reeves and Fareed Zakaria (editor-at-large at Jewish-owned TIME magazine), and a prominent member of powerful Council on Foreign Relations, Israeli advocacy group. Let us not forget the New America Foundation, funded by all the big Zionist-controlled foundations (Ford, MacArthur, Pew, Bill & Melinda Gates, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Open Society) plus millions of dollars it receives from the US Department of state each year. Keith Harmon Snow posted an excellent investigative article on West’s new ‘Wars for Greed’ at ‘conscience being’ on August 8, 2012. Read it here.

Earlier this year, British MPs held an investigation into some of the British multinational companies and London listed 100 groups involved in shaddy deals to acquire prime mining assets in Congo. Ruling party Conservatives MP Pauline Latham had claimed that if the money from the mining had stayed in the resource-rich country and was used for the benefit of the citizen, they would not need foreign aid. DRC is one of the poorest nation in Africa.

In addition to the Western multinational groups – the top beneficiary of the Africa’s financial Holocaust is no other than Jewish diamond merchant, billionaire Dan Gertler, an Israeli citizen and a close friend of Congolese president Joseph Kabila. Gertler controls his loot from the British Virgin Islands. The Global Witness has reported that Gertler has bought Congo mines cheap through his personal relations with the country’s leaders.

The book, ‘Scramble For Africa: Darfur—Intervention and the USA’, co-authored by Kevin Funk and Steven Fake, cites ad nauseum all the usual propagandists that are monopolizing the Zionist-controlled western mainstream media, publications from the far right to progressive left, on Darfur. These experts include Alex De Waal and Eric Reeves—and the International Crisis Group—but there are plenty of citations and references to journalists who peddle the establishment inventions and thereby black out the forces of Western control.

The UN mission, MONUSCO, has 19,000 uniformed personnel in the DR Congo, comprising the largest and most costly UN peacekeeping missions in the world.

In February 2012, Israeli ambassador at the United Nations, Ron Prosor, told the UN Security Council that Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizballah has set its operation in West Africa but did not mention Central Africa or Congo. Congo was the first African country to establish diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity in 1960. Congo broke relation with Israel in 1973 but re-established in 1983. With the departure of the Belgian colonists in 1960, many of the Jewish colonists left. However, there are many Israeli Jews working on development projects in the Congo. Congo and Israel also maintain close relations in arms sale and training of Congolese military officials in Israel. The Communaute Israelite du Shaba represents the Jews of the Congo. There is a synagogue in Lubumbashi which is served by a rabbi trained in Israel.

According to government sources, Muslims make 10% of Congo’s total population of 71 million. However, local Muslim community leaders claim there are more than 15 million Muslims living in Congo. Despite this large number of followers, Islam is not officially recognized in the country.


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