Ban Jews in Hungary: Nuke Pak-Afghan border!

Morton Gyongyosi, leader of Hungary’s third-strongest political party, Jobbik, has called country’s government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban to compile a list of Israeli Jews living in Hungary including Jewish members of country’s parliament – as they pose “national security risk”.

Gyongyosi’s call came after Foreign Ministry State Secretary Zsolt Nemeth said Budapest favored a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as benefiting both Israelis with Hungarian ancestry, Hungarian Jews and Palestinians in Hungary.

Hungarian Jewish groups and the world-wide Zionist press has called Morton Gyongyosi an antisemite and his party Jobbik “far-right” party. The party holds 44 of 386 parliament seats. Incidently, in June 2012, Csanad Szegedi, another top leader of Jobbik Party, had admitted that his grandparents were Jewish, making him a Jew under the Jewish law, even though he doesn’t practice the religion.

On Friday, a member of Britain House of Lords, Lord John William Gilbert (born 1927), came up with a Zionist solution to US-NATO’s Pak-Afghan problem. He has advised David Cameron government that the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area which is targeted daily by American drones – “be nuked with neutron bombs in order to control Islamic militants in the region“.

Cabinet Office spokesman Baron Wallace of Saltaire said the Government did not share Lord Gilbert’s “rumbustious” views on the sensitive issue. In 2010, Wallace defended fellow Liberal Democrat Baroness Jenny Tonge for calling an investigation into Israeli organ harvesting in Haiti. Early this year, Jenny Tonge irked David Cameron’s government by saying: ‘Israel will not last forever‘.

On February 6, 2009, Baron Wallace speaking at the House of Lords said: “If the preservation of Israel can be assured only by massive and disproportionate attacks on its neighbours every few years, it will eventually be impossible to preserve Israel. Israelis cannot guarantee that they will win every time, and the cost of winning to Israeli society and Israel’s reputation in the world and in the United States, on which it vitally depends for continuing support, will be too high.”

Lord Gilbert, a Labour Party member, was Tony Blair’s minister of defence procurement. He is staunch proponent of western and Israeli nuclear weapons.

No condemnation of Lord Gilbert from the ‘British Friends of Israel’ lobby groups both in the ruling Conservatives and opposition Labour parties.

British prime minister David Cameron, who has claimed to have Jewish family roots – is also patron of the Jewish National Fund. On August 5, 2010 – in a speech at British parliament, Cameron made opposition members laugh when he claimed that Iran has nuclear weapons. The leader of Labour opposition party, Ed Milliband, is 100% Jewish and a passionate admirer of Israel.


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