Arundhati Roy: ‘You can’t change the system by joining it’

In the past, Reformers like Sayyid Qutb and Imam Khomeini had claimed that an Islamic system cannot be established in a Muslim-majority state through participating in the corrupt democratic and banking systems established by the former western colonial powers in the Muslim world.

Arundhati Roy, famous Indian writer, author and human rights activist – has expressed similar views in her recent interview she gave to Saba Naqvi. She addressed India’s many illness, such as, corruption in all sectors, political frauds, religious fascism, plight of Hindu women, war on minorites and Hindu caste system. However, some of her statements have international implications.

Change will come. It has to. But I doubt it will be ushered by a new political party hoping to change the system by winning the elections. Because those who have tried to change the system that way ended up changed by it,” said Roy.

Who would know that better than the American voters? They’re asked every four year to enjoy the country’s democratic system which is rigged to make sure that voters can choose between two donkeys owned by big money elites (mostly pro-Israel Jewish billionaires) that created and feed them. The cozy political rivalry is based on Jewish Lenin’s dictum: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves“. Both Obama and Romney are anti-Muslim and blind supporters of the Zionist regime – and both have condoned the Jewish army’s on-going war on 1.5 million Gazans.

Roy says that India is ruled by big corporations like Reliance and Tata. With multi-billion assests, these corporations controls country’s mainstream media, mining, pharmaceutical, steel, automobile industries – and all major political parties through big cash contributions.

Wether you’re communist, Capitalist, Gandhian, Hindutva-ist, Islamist, Feminist, Ambedkarite, Environmentalist, whether you are a farmer, a businessman, journalist, writer, poet, or fool, even if you believe in privatisation and in the new economy – whatever – if you have a modicum of concern or affection, leave alone love, for this country, surely you must see that this is the clear and present danger? Even if these corporations and politicians were scrupulously honest, it is an absurd situation for a country to be in. Unless mega corporations are reined in and limited by legislation, unless the levers of such untrammelled power (which includes the power to buy politics and policymaking, justice, elections and the news) is taken away from them, unless the cross-ownership of businesses is regulated, unless the media is freed from the absolute control of big business, we are headed for a shipwreck. No amount of noise, no amount of anti-corruption campaigns, no amount of elections can stop that,” she said.

Read Arundhati’s complete interviews, here.


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