Gen. Petraeus and the Jews

On November 11, 2012 – The New York Times had quoted Israel’s top vioce in Congress, Zionist Jew Rep. Eric Ivan Cantor, as saying that an FBI employee (Jill Kelley) whom his staff describes as whistle-blower told him about Mr. Petraeus affair and a possible security breech in late October. Eric then called the FBI director Robert S. Mueller III on October 31 to tell him of the agent’s concerns. The official also said the agent’s ‘whistle-blower’ was a little ’embarrassing’.

One wonder, was Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell happens to be an Israeli Mossad’s sex honey-trap like Monica Lewinski, Cheryl Ben Tov,  Christine Keeler, etc.

Gen. David Petraeus who openly worked for Israeli interests in the Middle East and was projected as US military hero of US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – made a single mistake in 2010, when he said that Israeli policies in the region fuel hatred toward the United States and makes the Islamic Republic a new regional power against the US.

A credible US effort on Arab-Israeli issues that provides regional governments and populations a way to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the disputes would undercut Iran’s policy of militant ‘resistance’,” he said.

Observe that the Zionist New York Times is subtly hinting at a possible conspiracy Petraeus. By this means they display to the world the intimidating power of the Lobby. They don’t mind suggesting that Petraeus was deposed by hidden forces, knowing that informed observers are aware that Petraeus bucked the Israelis at one point in his career, and that’s all it takes for the axe to fall,” Michael Hoffman. Read the article here.

The ‘axe’ fell last week when Barack Obama sacked Petraeus over his mistress Paula Broadwell. Currently, US head of NATO forces in occupied Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, is under investigation by the FBI for his part in Petraeus’ sex affair and his personal relation with Mrs. Jill Kelley 37. We will soon learn about the ‘Zionist skelton’ inside Allen’s closet.

Someone may label me ‘anti-Semite’ for being curious. Why Kelly picked a Israel-Firster Jew lawmaker to convey her lead on Petraeus’ mistress while their were over four hundred other Christian pro-Israel lawmakers, anyone of them would be more than happy to help her? According to the Jewish media, Kelly is Christian who lives in a $1.4 million home and has been a close friend of Petraeus family. She even entertained Petraeus family over dinner at her place in 2010.

Yesterday, Barack Obama complained that FBI kept Petraeus sex scandal news secret from him until a day after his re-election. A record shows that both Petraeus and Allen backed Kelley’s twin sister Natalie Khawam whom Superior Court Judge Neal Kravitz a year earlier criticized for being untrustworthy.


4 responses to “Gen. Petraeus and the Jews

  1. NB: correction, Pls!.
    Jill Kelley is NOT a paid employee anywhere.
    She complained to a local FBI contact associate. It was that FBI contact of hers who leaked the entire scandal to HIS friend Cong D Reichert (R-WA) who then gossiped the leak to a Staffer of CANTOR the louse, (who knew on Halloween, Oct 31 all of it and completely exposing an ongoing investigation to many without a need to know).
    Kelley was an unpaid, volunteer ‘social liaison’ at McDill in Tampa;
    It was an FBI agent who leaked this; then compounded the mess when he sent Kelley pictures of himself to Mrs Kelley as well.

    The greater scandal ongoing is that millions of people are distracted w/another sex scandal instead of focusing on the murders of innocent civilans in GAZA…call to protest @State and WH if you want to DO SOMETHING..Pls.
    supposedly Obama was not informed of above until Election eve, Nov 6th.

    • Did you ever visit a pro-Israel advocacy group aka “think tank” websites? They all claim to be “non-partisan” while being funded by US State Department and Jewish billionaires.

      My information on Kelly and Petraeus’ mistress is based on Zio-conservative media like the Washington Post, New York Time, National Post and UK’s Jewish Daily Mail.

      Personally, I agree with US Vice-president Joe Biden, who once said that one doesn’t have to be Jewish to be an Israel-Firster.

      The Jewish lobby groups brought Petraeus down because they feared he may point finger toward Israeli Mossad for the murder of ambassador Stevens inside CIA compound in Benghazi.

      Now, the Jewish Lobby is pushing Ben Obama to appoint former Jewish congresswoman Jane Harman the new director of CIA.

  2. Jill Kelley’s background is Maronite Christian, from Lebanon. This might possibly figure into some kind of explanation for the FBI’s behavior in this case (and other things, as well… that peripherally involve relationships involving Hezbollah). ^..^

    • Kelly being Christian is already reported in my post. Most of Lebanese Christians were associated with the Phalangist millitia which was created by Israeli occupation forces in Lebanon. They carried the massacre at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps. When the Jewish army was forced to withdraw from South Lebanon by Hizballah these Christian traitors left their motherland for Israel and the west.

      FBI, which is totally Israelized – must know that no Maronite Christian will spy for Hizballah. Don’t forget, the anti-Islam movie which was made by an Israeli Jew – was blamed on an Egyptian Maronite.

      Learn some truth from American Jewish writer Max Blumenthal.

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