Lobby: ‘Obama won’t pressure Israel’

Last week, five Israeli diplomats addressing a conference on Israel-West relation in Herzilya (Israel) came to the conclusion that Barack Obama will put more emphasis on solving country’s domestic problem than pushing the Zionist entity to make peace with its neighbors and stop ignoring world opinion.

The five were Lenny Ben- David, a former deputy chief of mission at the Israel Embassy in Washington where he spent his growing up years; Zvi Rafiah, a former minister counselor at the embassy in Washington, and now a consultant and commentator on US affairs and US-Israel relations; Colette Avital, a former consul- general in New York; Prof. Aharon Klieman; and Moshe Arad, a former ambassador to the US.

Thomas Friedman, the Zionist Jew journalist with the New York Times in a Op-Ed on Saturday had claimed that when it comes to the Middle East, Obama’s hands are tied due to a majority of pro-Israel law-makers in both Congress and Senate, belonging to both Republican and Democratic parties. On the question if Obama will take revenge on Netanyahu for his open support for the defeated Mitt Romney, Friedman wrote: “You should be so lucky that the President feels he has the time, energy and political capital to spend wrestling with Bibi to forge a peace between Israelis and Palestinians. I don’t see it anytime soon. Israel will be left home alone“.

Last year, Helen Thomas had said in an interview she gave to the PLAYBOY magazine, what these six Zionist Jew experts are saying – that US President cannot say NO to the Zionist regime.

Kevin Barrett Ph.D, an American academic, author, radio talkshow host and writer – has a different view on Obama-Bibi relation during Obama’s second term. Kevin believes that Obama should return favor to Netanyahu what he and Israelis did to him and to the American people as result of September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on WTC.

Obama should destroy Netanyahu’s career in the biggest, most spectacular way possible – by busting Netanyahu for the September 11 terrorism,” wrote Kevin.

The major US and international media, owned and operated by cheerleaders for Israel, are so terrified by this prospect that they are trying to pretend it is “business as usual” between the US and Israel – maybe even between Obama and Netanyahu – despite the obvious blood feud between the US president and the Israeli prime minister,” added Kevin.

A must read article here.


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