Hollande: ‘Nuclear Iran is threat to the entire world’

Yesterday, French president Francois Hollande, who claims to be a non-practicing Jew – met Saudi King Abdullah and discussed Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. After the meeting, Hollande told reporters that Tehran’s will to “access nuclear weapons” was seen as “a threat to the entire region and for the world”.

Paris and Riyadh “agree” on toughening sanctions against Iran to “prevent it from moving forward” with its nuclear program, he stressed. But both countries were in favour of a negotiated solution.

Earlier, Hollande made a short stop-over at Beirut to meet Lebanese President Michel Sleiman and pledged that France will protect Lebanon against threats of destablization caused by the foreign insurgency in the neighboring Syria. Only some idiot will believe Hollande’s “pledge” as Lebanon’s destablization has been a major part of the US-Israel policy since the 1980s.

On Syria, Hollande supported US-Israeli regime change. “France is very keen on the formation by the opposition of a transitional government that would give it full legitimacy and ensure democratic transition in Syria,” he told reporters after meeting Saudi King Abdullah on Sunday. Was not a similar statement his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father) made about Libya two years ago? However, in November 2011, French top Jewish academic Bernard-Henri Levy, had admitted that Libya was destroyed because its leader Qaddafi had become a threat to Israel’s security.

Hollande’s statement shows Zionist-occupied western governments’ frustration over their failure to contain Iran’s rising military and diplomatic influence in the region. Tehran proved its military muscles when Hizballah sent one of its Iran-made unmanned aerial vehicle  which penetrated deep inside the Zionist entity’s airspace and was able to transmit some photos of Israel’s defence positions.

Iran’s former ambassador to Ivory Coast, Mohammad Reza Haji-Karim Jabbari has claimed that the success of Hizballah drone operation scared the hell out of Israeli leaders and the citizen while posed a serious challenge to rumours about Israel’s attack on Iran. He further stressed that in order to lift Israeli military and public moral – Israel attacked its weaker neighbors – Sudan and Hamas. “The recent attack on weapons production facility in Sudan could be analyzed from this viewpoint,” he stressed.

It was revealed last month that Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain had asked Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi to mediate and help to solve the domestic crisis in his country. The revelation angered both Washington and Riyyadh. 

It’s reported that Turkey is turning to regional powers, Iran and Russia, backers of the Damascus regime, to help it deal with Syria’s bloody insurgency that has spilled across its border with deadly shelling and a flood of refugees.

While the American, Israeli and several European leaders are threatening Tehran with military attacks – both Netanyahu and Ehud Barak had ordered a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities two years ago. According to Channel 2, the decision was challenged by the army chief Gabi Ashkenazi and Mossad head Meir Dagan at that time. Both told Netanyahu that there was no proof that Iran was building a nuclear bomb – and that Israel could not achieve the desired results without the active participation of US airforce.

In conclusion, I will like to quote professor Richard Falk (he claims to have Jewish family roots). “Of course, it would be unfortunate if Iran acquires nuclear weapons given the instability of the region and the general danger associated with their spread. But no international law argument or precedent is available to justify attacking a sovereign state because it goes nuclear. After all, Israel became a stealth nuclear weapon state decades ago without a whimper of opposition from the West, and the same goes for India, Pakistan and even North Korea’s acquistion of weapons produced only a muted response that droped soon from sight,” says Dr. Richard Falk


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  1. Worrying about a threat to the world. 2 words: Samson Option.

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