Romney: ‘Chavez and Castro support Obama’

Don’t you love the ‘Ads War’ carried out by the Israel’s American lovers these days? You will see anti-Muslim, anti-Obama, anti-Iran and anti-OWS ads with one common message; “To be a patriotic American, you must love Israel and hate Muslims”. Most of these ads happen to represent religious bigotry and outright racism – while others are ridiculous – showing their promoters needed the help of a good ‘shrink’ like Israeli Netanyahu.

Before 2011 Thanksgiving holiday, Pamela Geller, the Jewish owner of anti-Muslim website ‘Atlas Shrugs’ had appealed to her fellow Judeo-Christian Zionists to boycott Butterball Halal Turkey. Two months ago she put another ads at San-Francisco MTA stations calling Americans to support terrorist state of Israel against Jihad.

In June 2012, ‘Emergency Committee for Israel’, headed by William Kristol, a radical Zionist Jew – put an ads calling Barack Obama to bomb Iran for Israel.

Last week Israel-Firster Mitt Romney entertained us with his anti-Obama Auto whopper ads. The latest ads has anti-Iran tone. It claims that anti-USrael Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and niece of former Cuban president Fidel Castro want Barack Obama to be re-elected. The ads shows a clip of Chavez saying that if he were American, “I’d vote for Obama”. Castro’s niece, Mariela, who has no official link to the Cuban government – but like Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, she is a noted advocate of gay rights. She recently praised Obama’s stand in support of same sex marriage. Watch the ads clip below.

The ad represents an effort to court Cuban Americans in Miami, many of whom have supported Republican presidential candidates in past elections.

In April 2012, Israeli government’s propaganda arm, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) paid for a five-day trip to Israel for a selected group of Hispanic private and public professionals as part of Latino-Jewish Alliance.

The Jewish lobby groups hate Hugo Chavez because he maintains very close relations with Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad and had expelled Israeli ambassador from Venezuela. Chavez was also a close ally of Libyan leader Qaddafi. Chavez has praised both Hamas and Hizbullah for their tireless resistance to Jewish occupation of their lands. Chavez is also credited with making several ‘politically wrong’ statements. For example, in an interview with pro-Zionist Arab network, Al-Jazeera TV, in July 2006, Hugo Chavez had said: “The greatest menace to the future of humanity is the United States, and one of its instruments of aggression in your part of the world is the state of Israel. The Secretary of State has said that the US will change the map of the Middle East. This plan was made in advance and in great detail in the Pentagon, except that Israel is the executor. They want to transform the map of the Middle East in order to guarantee the dominance and control of the largest reserves of oil and energy in the world“.

Early this year, Fidel Castro, met visiting Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad. Castro praised the Islamic Republic for resisting the arrogant powers and described the Islamic Republic as the beacon of hope for the world nations.

An Israeli poll results released on November 1, show that 45% Israeli Jews prefer Mitt Romney as the next US president as compared to the 29% who would like Obama re-elected.


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