Winnipeg’s Jew-hating anti-corruption poster!

This month, a modified version of September’s anti-corruption poster reappeared in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. This time the name of the 13 people (mostly Jewish millionaires) were crossed out.

The last month poster bearing the headline ‘$hitler’s List’ had claimed that Winnipeg’s Jewish Mayor Sam Katz, the media Mughal Jewish Asper family and several Jewish and Zionist Christian businessmen were involved in illegal business transactions.

That, to me, links it to anti-Semitism. The police have to take this very seriously,” said David Matas, senior counsel to B’nai Brith, a Jewish Israel lobby organization.

Winnipeg like several other large Canadian cities is dominated by pro-Israel organized Jewish minority (1.1%). It has $310 million Canadian Museum of Human Rights , a monument to the Jewish holocaust in Europe paid by Canada’s taxpayers. Country’s richest and most prominent businessman is a Jew by the name Hartly Richardson, a member of Zionist Trilateral Commission which along with Bilderberg and Federal Reserve was created to control global economy. The city’s major daily, the Winnipeg Free Press, is owned by two Jews, Bob Siver and Ron Stern.

Manitoba NDP premier Greg Selinger is a known friend of Israel. In October 2010 he took two of his cabinet ministers to Israel where they cemented NDP’s long dealings with Jewish National Fund (JNF), a Zionist regime’s theft-arm to steal Arab land. Established in 1910, JNF Canada is one of the most important Israel-focused charities registered in Canada. It raises about $10 million annually in tax-deductible donations. Despite projecting itself as “an environmentally friendly organization concerned with ecology and sustainable development,” it is a linchpin of Zionist colonialism. Learn more about JNF from Canadian Jewish writer and author Yves Engler, here.

The New Democratic Party has always close links with Jewish communities especially B’nai Brith. In the 1970s, NDP was headed by Jewish David Lewis family. Later Bob Rae with Jewish family ties became leader of the party. Mike Cohen boasted in the Jewish Tribune (March 30, 2012) that Jewish B’nai Brith played a major part in installing Thomas Mulcair as the new NDP leader.In March 2012, I had wrote that with the election of Thomas Mulcair as the new leader of Canada’s third largest party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), and leader of the Official Opposition in Canada – Israelization of Canada’s political process has completed, like the nextdoor neighbor United States. Canada’s three major political parties; the Progressive Conservative Party, lead by Israel-Firster Zionist prime minister Stephen Joseph Harper and Liberal Party, lead by Robert Keith Rae (a former leader of NDP with Jewish family roots) who is on the board of Jewish National Fund, a criminally racist organization, even Israel wants to stay at a distance from it.

 In 1967, when Christian-majority region of Baifra declared its independence from Muslim-dominated central government, David Lewis raised funds for the rebels.


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