Turkey plays al-Qaeda for Zionism

US-Israel-Turkey financed terrorist group Free Syrian Army (FSA) carried the false flage bombing operation at the Turkish border town of Akcakale on Wednesday. Turkish artillery hit targets inside Syria, killing several Syrian soldiers. FSA also abducted 48 Iranian Shia pilgrims and has threatened to kill them unless Damascus releases FSA terrorists in Syrian Army’s custody.

Turkey has threatened Syria with military attack by moving a large numbers of tanks along Syrian border. As the only Muslim member of the Judeo-Christian NATO, Turkey expects NATO forces and US-Britain-France to help it to occupy Syria and install a pro-USrael regime in Damascus.

Tehran has urged both Ankara and Damascus to show self-restrain on Wednesday. “The Islamic Republic of Iran calls on both sides to exercise self-restraint, launch a close study over the case and pay heed to the goals of the enemies,” Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian told Fars News Agency.

Michael Collins calls Ankara’s warmongering against Syria as “Turkey plays Lee Harvey for NATO plotters“.

 “Under Erdogan’s rule, Turkey is an imminent threat to Syria’s survival as a sovereign state. Just north of the Syrian border, the Turkish city of Adana is the launching platform for supplies and personnel that have devastated Syria’s two major cities, Damascus and Aleppo. The Libyan model of false flags, false reports, and subsidized rebels wasn’t doing the trick with the next victim of the co-opted Arab Spring. Free Syrian Army (read Libyan rebels) looked too much like a terrorist organization to gain much sympathy. The Libyan formula for regime change is failing. Assad may survive. So horrifying to the Western powers and Gulf monarchs, that possibility spurred President Barack Obama to urge action by Erdogan a month or so ago,” wrote Collins. Read the full article posted at his blog, ‘War is a Crime’, here.

FYI – Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to be a “pasty” by his connections to Clay Shaw and Permindex which was an Israeli Mossad front organization and also by CIA agent E. Howard Hunt who wanted a “fake” assassination attempt to impicate Fidel Castro. The real assassins were French Corsicans set up by Yitzhak Shamir, a Mossad assassin himself. Harvey was arrested and charged with two murders. Then appeared Jack Ruby (aka Rubinstein) who erased the Mossad fingerprints. Read the whole story of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, here.

Daniel Mabsout, wrote at the ‘deLiberation‘ on October 4, 2012: “By becoming in charge of the Palestinian cause and without jeopardizing his relations with Israel or NATO, Erdogan promoted himself as a leader and promoted Turkey as a model of Islamic rule polarizing Muslims on the basis of sectarianism driving them away from Iran and from the victorious resistance of Hizbullah. This also meant launching this bloody war on Syria introducing training and supplying the thugs in charge of destroying the neighboring country“. Read the entire article, here.


6 responses to “Turkey plays al-Qaeda for Zionism

  1. “Judeo-Christian..?” Hey, everyone knows that Jesus spent time with the buddhists, which informed his personal philosophy so much that he couldn’t be considered a “Jew” anymore (and that got him killed). I’m still waiting for a follow-up ‘prophet’ from a Muslim nation to go the same route.

    Erdogan “..a model of Islamic rule polarizing Muslims on the basis of sectarianism..” more so than the Assad family? They were “even-handed”… as long as no one objected to them creating an Alewite dynasty… a reflection of what the Saud family has done.

    How will there ever be a united Islam, as long as the Shi’a/Sunni divide is so rancorous? Do we have to wait until the oil is gone, and then look to a ‘new’ center, like Indonesia or Pakistan? ^..^

    • I think you need a history lesson from some objective source.

      Jesus (as) never traveled out of Roman occupied Palestine. No Buddhist existed in the entire region around Palestine (the current Middle East) during Jesus’ time. Though, later, St. Paulin Christians could have borrowed Trinity concept from Buddism – who too, blieve that Lord Buddha was born to a Virgin mother and died hanging from a tree.

      Muslims don’t believe in the coming of Allah’s another prophet after Muhammad (pbuh). He is the LAST and FINAL Divine Messanger of the Creator. This is the first pillar of Islam – and he/she who don’t believe in that – is not a Muslim.

      Alewite (a Shia offshoot which doesn’t believe in Islamic Shari’ah) is not a family dynasty. Assad family is the symbol of secularist/communist/atheist “Ba’athist unity) in Syria as was the case in the neighboring Egypt. Saudi ‘royals’ have Iraqi Jewish roots. They call their domain “Saudi Arabia” – Assad domain is not called “Alewite Arabia”.

      If Catholics and the rest of 71 Christian denominations – or 71 denomination of Jews have been united against Muslims and Islam, for the last 2000 years – Why cannot Muslim Sunni and Shia get united against the Judeo-Christian homicidal filth??

      Once the oil/gas resources in the Muslim world (68% of world’s total known reserves) are finished – the western Judeo-Christian economy will drive them back to the West’s DARK AGES – and Islam will rise again as it did in 711 CE in Spain.

      Indonesia is an oil producing nation. Pakistan has natural gas and is also loaded with unexploited Uranium reserves.

  2. “If Catholics and the rest of 71 Christian denominations – or 71 denomination of Jews have been united against Muslims and Islam, for the last 2000 years – Why cannot Muslim Sunni and Shia get united against the Judeo-Christian homicidal filth??”

    What is stunning to me is the friendship between Jews and Christians. Christianity since its inception has slaughtered Jews in the name of its God. Judaism perceived Christianity as idolatry. Just recently in some town in Israel Jews had written “Jesus was a monkey” on the wall of a church. A month or so ago, they had called Jesus “son of a bitch”.
    There is a Christian churchman who said when Armageddon comes all Jews would be slaughtered unless they accept Christianity’s god, Jesus, as their savior–while Jews don’t count on Christianity’s god as human.

    • Christianity has long been hijacked by the Jewish elites. E.R. Chamberlin’s book ‘The Bad Popes’ describes how Vatican was corrupted through money and sex by the Jewish elites. Late Pope John Paul II was born to a Polish Jewish mother and the current Pope Benedict XVI is a known Zionist double agent.

      Jewish historian Benjamin H. Freedman has recently claimed that “Jesus was not a Jew”.

      Yes, 65 million Evangelic Christians support Israel blindly based on their belief that a powerful “Jewish State” will hasten the second-coming of their Lord Jesus; who will convert Israeli Jews to Christianity and those Jews who refuse to accept Christ as their Lord, will be put to death.


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