Israel-US fear Iran-Argentina bilateral talks

Argentina’s Jewish foreign minister Hector Timerman held bilateral talks with his Iranian counter-part Ali Akbar Salehi at the United Nations headquarters in New York on the next day of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s landmark address at the UNGA. The Jewish press has reported that both discussed the 1992 terrorist attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and 1994 attack on Jewish center AMIA. Israel blamed both Hizbullah and Iran for the attacks. However, till today, Israel and Argentian Jewish groups have failed to provide any genuine evidence to prove their claim.

Both Israel and the United States have criticized Hector Timerman for meeting Iranian foreign minister and especially agreeing to continue these negotiations through government officials in Geneva next month.

Roberta Jacobson, Jewish US assistant secretary of Western Hemisphere Affairs said in a news conference last week: “Iran has had a nearly 20 years to comply with the requests from Argentine justice on the issues of the bombing of the Israeli embassy and the AMIA building. I’m not necessarily optimistic that they will respond any more positively now then they have in the past. Right now is the time for the international community to remain united in isolating Iran“.

Tehran denies Israel-US allegations. Argentinian presiding judge on the case, Galeono, was dismissed for taking bribe from Mossad and fabricating evidence against the Iranian diplomat Soleimanpour. A British court refused to order the extradiction of the Iranian diplomat.

Adrian Salbuchi on March 2, 2008 wrote in his column titled War in the Middle East: The Final Countdown: “Argentina’s judiciary is thus acting on the requirement of Bush administration and powerful international and local pro-Israel Zionist lobbying organizations on Argentine president Nestor Kirchner, demanding that he falsely accuse Iran for that terrorist attack. Indications are that Mr. Kirchner bowed to this manipulation in spite of the fact that after more than twelve years since that attack, the United States, Israel, and key Zionist organizations have not been successful in fabricating sustainable proof of any involvement on the part of Syria, Iran or Hezbollah. At the same time, Argentina’s judiciary and intelligence agencies have systematically ignored much more plausible circumstances and evidence which point to the fact that this criminal attack may very well have been the result of deeply embedded conflicts INSIDE of Israel, in particular, and zionist interests in general“.

Norberto Ceresole (died 2003), was a political activist, writer, author, former advisor to Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez’ close friend of French philospher Roger Garaudy – and one of South America’s expert on Israeli terrorism. Ceresole, through various demonstrations, proved that AMIA had to be an inside bomb to reduce a seven story building to rubble like WTC buildings on September 11, 2001. He had called it a duplicate of Oklahoma city bombing and 9/11 terrorist attacks carried out by Israeli assets.

Ceresole exposed the Israeli Shin Beth as the actual bombers behind 1992 Israel’s embassy bombing.  Shin Beth had complete security at the embassy and a bomb that size could never be brought in. The Shin Beth also refused to allow any independent investigation of the embassy. Only Mossad was allowed access to the site.

From the very begining, both Washington and Tel Aviv had accused Tehran and Hizbullah. However, despite pressure from these capitals and the powerful pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups, such as, the American Jewish Committee, the Asociacion Mutual Israelita and the Delegation of Argentine-Israeli Associations – the case has remained open as Tehran always insisted: “Where is the proof?”.

In 2004, Argentine Supreme Court indicted former President Carlos Menem, Ruben Beraja (former head of Delegation of Argentine-Israeli Association), Judge Juan Jose Galeano, and several agents from country’s intelligence agency for the cover-up of the terrorists involved.

AMIA and car bombing of Israeli embassy in Argentina were some of the Israeli Mossad false flag operations around the world. Read here, and here.

From the latest reaction of the US and Israel – it proves once again that they don’t want the world to know the truth about their terrorist activities in Argentina and around the world which they always blame on Muslims.


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