Henry Kissinger: ‘No Israel in 10 years’

On September 17, 2012, Cindy Adams in her column at the New York Post, quoted Henry Kissinger predicting that if the current isolation of the Zionist entity continues – the Zionist entity will be gone within next 10 years.

Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated – and I quote the statement word for word: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel”. I repeat: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel”, wrote Cindy Adams.

Do not argue with Mr. Kissinger’s know-how. He already knows how,” added Adams to emphasized her point.

Former US Secretary of State (1973-77), Henry (Heinz) Kissinger embodies all the characteristics of a Zionist leader – from a war criminal to a humanist. Last year, Kissinger sent a letter to US President Barack Obama asking him to pardon the convicted Jewish-American spy, Jonathan Pollard. Pollard is in prison since 1985.

 On March 1, 1973 – while attending a meeting between US President Richard Nixon and former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir in which Meir had pleaded for US pressure on the Soviet Union to release its Jews – Kissinger was reported tell Golda Meir: “If they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern”.

Henry Kissinger, is a member of powerful Jewish think tanks, Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg. Kissinger is still considered an authority on the US international policy especially related to Israel. However, his past involvements in Tailwind Affair and the 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 proves him to be a mass-murderer, so much so that an ‘Islamophobe’ Zionist Jew Christopher Hitchens (died 2011), in his book ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’ – said that Henry Kissinger deserves vigorous prosecution “for war crimes, for crimes against humanity and for offenses against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap and torture“.

In June 2011, Israeli president Shimon Peres whined: “I’m concerned about the continued freeze in the peace talks. I’m concerned that Israel will become a binational state. What is happening now is total foot-dragging. We’re about to crash into the wall. We’re galloping at full speed toward a situation where Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state”.


7 responses to “Henry Kissinger: ‘No Israel in 10 years’

  1. Thanks for that! I was not aware of that. Your blog is the bees knees.

  2. WASHINGTON (JTA) — A staffer for Henry Kissinger denied that the former US secretary of state said that Israel will not be in existence in 10 years.

    “It’s not a misquote,” Tara Butzbaugh, who works in Kissinger’s New York office, said Monday, referring to an item in Cindy Adams’ New York Post gossip column. “He didn’t say it.”

  3. Three Years before one International Mediator Faisal Muhammad warned Israel that if they not change their attitude they will eliminate their Nation, I did not belie this stupid comment but today US senior Diplomat Henry Kissinger conformed Faisal Muhammad’s comment ” that mean there is wrong some thing at the bottom …

    • I can understand your problem. Westerners usually prefer to take Jewish opinion seriously rather than believing some truth coming from a Muslim, no matter how westernized or secularized he is.

      The Israel’s “doom prophecy” was first made by Israel Shamir in 2001. Last year, three Zionist Jew writers (Benny Morris, Thomas Friedman and Aluf Benn) and one Islamophobe Zionist Christian (Victor Davis) all agreed with Israel Shamir.


  4. Dosen’t mater if any staffer for Henry Kissinger denied with this comments
    because many TV CHANELS on air his comments, and Faisal Muhammed who is well known Diplomatic Expert also said this remarks before Henry Kissinger….Faisal Muhammed Him self a ” Henry Kissinger ” of Muslum World.

  5. Even if Kissinger did not say it, the 2000 retreat of Israel at the hands of Hizbollah confirmed by Israels outright mjilitary defeat in 2006 followed closely by Hamas’ amazing victorious confrontation with the Genocidal Settler Colonial entity in 2014 shows exactly where the region is heading.
    All of the above has been compounded by Syria’s victory against the idiotic, misguided US co-option of Jihadis and the presence of hundreds of thousands of Iranian troops in Syria. It does not take a genius to know that the LAST thieving, racist European settler-colonial project in the world is doomed to the dustbin of history. The US will have to abandon this leach of humanity sooner or later – if it doesn’t, not only will Israel disappear from the map of the Middle East, so too will all US regional bases.If Israel could not defeat a grossly inferior Hizbollah in a conventional war in 2006, how will it stand up to an Iran-Hizbollah alliance anytime soon.

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