Canada ‘isolates’ Iran; Really!

Last month Tehran hosted the largest international event. The leaders from 120 Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and 27 other nations including China and Russia assembled in Tehran and gave unanimous support to country’s nuclear program. The support proved by any standard that the Islamic Republic is more popular among the 193 United Nations members than any other country. The Veterans News Now has called the summit Iran’s great diplomatic victory over the US and Israel which tried their level best to sabotage the summit.

To the great horor of the Zionist Occupied Nations (ZONs) – Iran will not only steer the NAM affairs for the next three year – but NAM will stay closer to Iran’s interests after Iran’s term expires in 2015. After Iran, the rotating NAM chairmanship will goes to Venezuela and Bolivia, both Iran’a allies.

Since the US and Israel don’t have diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic – they chose their poodle Harper regime in Ottawa to Isolate Iran. To realize how funny Israel-Firster Harper government’s decision to expel Iranian consulate staff from Canada and recall its diplomatic staff from Tehran – the two countries were never represented at ambassadorial level since the 1980s with the exception of a three-year stunt in 1990s. Furthermore, the trade between the two nations was less than $10 million.

Ottawa has claimed that it took the decision to “isolate” Iran from the international community due to Iran’s refusal to stop its nuclear program and being an ‘existential threat’ to Israel. Interestingly, Canadian foreign minister, Israel-Firster John Baird chose to make the announcement in Moscow and not in Ottawa. Maybe he intended it a message for Putin for later’s support for Tehran.

Since 1979 Islamic Revolution, Canada’s relation with Iran has been ‘shady’ on international level. In 1980, Tehran expelled Canadian ambassador in Tehran, Kenneth Taylor, for being the top CIA agent in Iran. On April 24, 1980, American Air Force, based on Ken’s intelligence briefing, planned and carried its incursion Operation Eagle Claw to rescue 52 American embassy staff members captured as ‘spies‘. The Operation involved eight RH-53D Sea Stallion helicopters. Before the ‘American braves’ reached their destination in Tehran – three of the eight helicopters were lost in the desert sand storm (a Divine intervention, perhaps). The surviving crew and the soldiers in panic returned to the base at Masirah without taking along 8 of the bodies of dead US soldiers.

Canadian delegate always staged walk-out during Ahmadinejad’s speeches at the UN General Assembly for criticizing the Zionist regime.

Canadian delegate walked out of Durban I (South Africa) and Durban II (Geneva) conferences on combating racism for majority of member states’ criticism of the Zionist regime for its apatheid policies.

In September 2011, Harper government boycotted Durban III conference in New York, because its keynote speaker was no other than Iran’s President Dr. Ahmadinejad.

In October 2010, Stephen Harper government’s blind support for the Zionist entity and its participation in US-NATO war in Afghanistan had cost Canada its bid to secure a non-permanent member seat at the UN Security Council for the first time in the last six decades.

In May 2011, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird issued a statement, saying, “Canada deplores the election of Iran to a seat on the United Nations Commission on Population and Development. Canada remains extremely troubled by the outrageous human rights abuses committed by Iran against its own citizens, and by Iran’s threats and actions to undermine the safety, security and stability of its neighbors (read Israel)”.

In May, Canadian embassy in Tehran stopped issuing visas to the relatives and friends of 400,000 Iranian diasporas living in Canada. Now in order to visit Canada they must go to Ankara in neighbouring Turkey to get a visa.

In February 2012 – Canadian pro-Israel groups slammed US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey for saying that Iranian regime is “a rational actor”.

Tehran has maintained a token diplomatic relation with Ottawa since 1980s.

I was very surprised by the Canadian announcement,” James Devine, an Iran expert at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B., told CBC News, noting that it isn’t tied to a specific event or a reaction to “an acute crisis in the relationship.” Devine also emphasized that Canada’s move is likely to have little impact in Iran as Canada is not an international player.

In May 2012, Iran’s deputy foreign minister and Tehran’s representative at the EU, Ali Asghar Khaji, in an Interview with Paul Koring of Toronto daily The Globe and Mail, called Canada Israel’s lapdog.


2 responses to “Canada ‘isolates’ Iran; Really!

  1. “John Baird recited a litany of lies about Iran. He unconscionably pointed fingers the wrong way. Canada is a committed imperial partner. It’s one of 28 NATO countries. It supports the worst of Israel’s crimes,” wrote Stephen Lendman, an American Jewish writer and blogger, September 8, 2012.

  2. The only one really isolated is Canada, the willing fall guy for Israeli and American stupidity and hubris. The Jewish Zionist occupied regimes of Washington, London, and Tel Aviv have lost all credibility in the international arena and to the majority of their own citizens… but when it comes down to dirty business, the unelected Zionist occupied “government” of Canada will willingly go where no other nation has gone before… doing the up-side-down limbo to please their slave masters in Tel Aviv. Following the recent NAM meeting hosted by Tehran in which 140 countries of the world collaborated together to find solutions towards Western and Israeli hegemony around the globe, the isolation of the Jewish state of Israel, America, and Britain has never been more revealing to the world public. NAM set the precedent before the entire world, opening the window for dialog and solutions to the greatest threats and problems facing the civilized world today. The meetings are proof that the Zionist regimes of America, Britain, and Tel Aviv have no friends, only people who fear them or are compromised by them, and whos policies and politic’s relevance in the world at large is only to avoid them at all cost.

    Truth is that so called ‘Prime Minister’ Stephen Harper along with every puppet of every crown colony doesn’t say or do anything unless he is commanded to do so by the international bankers and his slave masters in Tel Aviv. In 2003, Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister John Howard deliver identical speeches urging their nations to join George W. Bush’s Coalition of the Willing to go to war with Iraq. These people dedicate their lives serving the agenda for international bankers, world Jewry and Zionism along with their endless acts of terrorism around the globe touted as humanitarian wars of liberation. This publicity stunt, cutting ties with the righteous, civilized, and admirable regime of Tehran is merely a circus sideshow and a desperate attempt to prop up America and Israel’s image in the international area. Harper did this so the Zionist parasite doesn’t feel so alone and isolated in their endless quests for blood, resources, stolen land and money. Zionism is a parasitic ideology, jumping from host to host and once America collapses, world Jewry will try everything they can to rape and plunder our nation of its wealth and resources as well. It’s too late for Zionism. The jig is already up, and the game is already won and these Zionist thugs have lost.

    Although the world has every right to dismiss Canada as a bought and sold land, these unelected traitors in Parliament do not represent the bleeding hearts of the awake and aware among the Canadian public. While many Canadians are stupid, uninformed, selfish and apathetic people who’s only concerns are accumulating wealth, material possessions, and becoming like those they see in the Zionist media, awakening is coming on an unprecedented scale, and these moves by Parliament are only serving to expose their twisted agenda at hand, and turning more nations against them.

    Politics as it stands today in the 21’st century is no longer relevant to the needs of the people of the world… period, end of discussion. The only functional nations that manage their civilizations properly are the very ones that we have been bombing into the stone age. Politicians by and large are ignorant and stupid whores who’s only concern is greater profits and public image, and who’s only role is to serve the bankers and the very worst and fewest among us. Politics might have been useful some 100 years ago, but we are heading into an era where whether we like it or not we will become less dependent on corporations, governments, and financial institutions in order to thrive and survive. This whole act we are witnessing in the public arena is a distraction from what is most important, and that is what is going on inside your own heart and mind. If you really wish to fight the system, step away from the machine, stop paying your taxes, stop being dependent on corporations for sustenance and on mainstream media for information. Become your own media, create the world you wish to see at home where you live. Ignore these attention whores and they will be starved out of existence. Let them isolate themselves. They thrive off of your hate, fear, greed, apathy and indifference and that is why they are parasites. They have no other function or role in life but as a lesson to teach us how not to behave. Prison cities and murder incorporated would be more than happy to see this country turned into another Gaza ghetto for their own selfish benefit and temporary profits. They only have the power people give them. Call them what they are, see them for who they are, step away from the machine, and wave sayonara. Their time has gone as it always has. — Tyler

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