Frank Gaffney: ‘SPLC = KKK’

The anti-Sharia crusader, Israel-Firster Frank Gaffney, recently called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) ‘anti-Semitic’ and equated it with the former Ku Klax Klan White Supremacist group. Gaffney is founder and president of Ziocon think tank ‘Center for Security Policy‘ and a columnist at the Ziocons’ Washington Times. Gaffney along with other 25 pro-Israel neocons (mostly Jewish) authored the notorious document, ‘Project for a New American Century (PNAC)‘, also known as Israel Project. It was a blue-print for using America to fight Israel’s proxy wars in the Muslim world.

On August 20, Brian Tashman wrote in the Right Wing Watch that anti-Muslim activist and conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney is joining other conservatives in blasting the Southern Poverty Law Center. He claimed that SPLC is “in the service of people who are really the perpetrators of the worst of the anti-Semitism and hatemongering” by opposing anti-Muslim hate groups.

On the same day writing in the Washington Times, Gaffney equated SPLC with KKK. “The SPLC back in the heyday of the civil right movement, the SPLC helped counter the KKK and other racists and anti-Semite. At the moment, though, the SPLC is hanging out with today’s counterpart to the KKK and the preminent threat to civil rights – especially those of women – in America: Islamists bent on insinuating here their anti-constitutional, misogynistic and supremacist doctrine known as Shriah,” wrote Gaffney.

Am I supposed to believe that the so-called ‘expert on Sharia’ knows that by criticizing the SPLC or KKK for that matter, he has proved himself to be an anti-Semitism? SPLC is prominent Jewish civil liberties group with Zionist Jew Richard Cohen as its President. It was founded in 1971 by two Zionist Jews by the names Morris S. Dee and Joe Levin. The list of other high-ranking SPLC Jewish officials is available here.

Does Gaffney knows that Jewish inventor of ‘Sea-Monkeys’, Harold von Braunhut, was a good friend of KKK founder Richard Girnt Butler? The US Attorney, Thomas M. Bauer, told the Washington Post that in a 1985 weapons case against a member of the Ku Klux Klan, Grand Dragon Dale R. Reusch, von Braunhut was prepared to testify that he had lent Reusch about $12,000 so he could buy 83 firearms. Bauer told the reporter that Harold von Braunhut was “very pleasant and cooperative” and “brought some of his little toys along,” including Sea-Monkeys. Read full story at THE AWL, June 28, 2011, here.

As for Gaffney’s rants against Islamic Sharia – who will be better to punch his face than Head of Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams. Dr. Williams said in 2008 that certain parts of Sharia would be good for Britain with the exception of its cruel biblical punishments and discrimination against women. He also compared British Muslims to the ‘good Smaritans’. However, as expected, poor Archbishop was slammed by British Zionist/Jewish groups for being ‘pro-Islamists’.

In March 2012, SPLC published the names of America’s top ten Muslim haters. The list included Bill French, Brigitte Gabriel (Lebanon’s maid of darkness), P. David Gaubatz (a Zionist Jew), Pamella Geller (born to Jewish parents, Reuben (“Ruby”) and Lillian Geller), David Horowitz (a Zionist Jew), John Joeph Jay, Pastor Terry Jones, Debbie Schlussel (Polish Jewish descent), Robert Spencer and David Yerushalmi, an Islam-hating Jewish White Supremacist.


One response to “Frank Gaffney: ‘SPLC = KKK’

  1. Richard Girnt Butler (February 23, 1918 – September 8, 2004) was the founder of Aryan Nations. He was a good man but he was was born 40 years after the original KKK disbanded. The Original KKK existed during reconstruction from 1865-1877. Many don’t know that during this time whites in the South could not vote or hold public office. Southerners were terrorized by Jews that would recruit blacks to murder plantation owners so they could assume their properties. These same blacks and Jews held all positions of Government, law enforcement, and the courts. The KKK was formed as a sorority type group, but out of necessity became the only means of public safety that the South had. They committed no acts violence, they prevented them. Most history books falsely claim the original KKK disbanded in 1869. They did not but they stopped wearing and destroyed all their Klan regalia, because now the recruited blacks and radical republicans were dressing as the KKK and this is the Klan that committed all the atrocities that the South are blamed for today. The Original KKK now in plain clothes, stayed on the job as they were now stopping the Jew led KKK from preying on Southerners. The Loyal League (loyal to Jews which owned England and now America) met in 1870 and officially changed their name to KKK. They were at home on White House Lawn and proudly displayed the Stars n Stripes. A flag that should remind you that you are feudal slave and own nothing. A deed or paid in full just means you pay tax instead of rent. Free people have alloidal titles. They never have to worry about losing their land because they have not paid the England Jew King Rothschild his taxes.

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