Israel: ‘Be a woman and shut-up’

Today, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported that four women were arrested yesterday for praying in the women’s section of the Wailing Wall. After keeping them under lock for half-a-day, the Jewish security police released them on the condition that they would not enter the area for praying for the next 50 days. If any of those women decided to go back on their promise, she could face upto 18 months in jail under Israeli law for “being danger to public peace”.

Merav Michaeli’s comment on the news: “Understanding matters of security and life and death are also an asset and symbol of masculinity; and secular men, like religious men, do not allow women to step into their holy of holies“.

I agree with the first part of Merav Michaeli’s comment. To western racists and ignorants, both seculars and religious – only Islam discriminates against women. In fact, in the West and most Muslim countries, women participate in prayers along with men in women section of mosques. World’s oldest university, Al-Azhar (Egypt), always have ‘co-education’.

As far the Wailing Wall being Jewish sacred place is concerned – it’s one of numerous Zionists’ myths created to fool its fanatic anti-Muslim western Zionist Christian backers. American archaeologist and author, Professor Dr. Ernest L. Martin (died 2002) in his 1999 book ‘‘The Temples that Jerusalem Forgot’ has claimed that Muslims’ two sacred structures, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of Rock are not built on top of the Temple Mount ruins. The so-called ‘Wailing Wall’ is in fact, a portion of an old Roman fortress.

The Judeo-Christian Bible shows no respect toward women. Rev. Roland de Vaux in book ‘Ancient Israel: Its life and Instructions’ claims that in social and legal matters, an Israelite woman is the most oppressed women in the world.

This is not the first event of women-bashing in Israel. In certain areas of Jerusalem city, Jewish women are forced to ride in the back of buses and trains. In Israel, Jewish women are not allowed to carry Jewish Holly book Torah, or board Israel’s national airline El Al carrying Rabbis. These flights between Tel Aviv to New York are ‘women-free and movie-free’. No air stewardesses are allowed.

Even in Hillary Clinton’s so-called “country with the best women rights and religious freedom”, the United States – Jewish women are neither allowed to drive or walk on the same side of the street as men – right in New Square, an Orthodox Jewish enclave north of Time Square.

A group of Judeo-Christian, Muslim and Hindu women, the Women Against Islamophobia and Racism have been involved in spreading the truth about women’s place in Islam – in order to challenge some of the Zionists’ Islam-bashing propaganda lies to promote Israeli interests.


5 responses to “Israel: ‘Be a woman and shut-up’

  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    “The so-called ‘Wailing Wall’ is in fact, a portion of an old Roman fortress.”
    That’s the first time I’ve heard this. Interesting.

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    I am a Christian and read your blog and decided to do some research. I knew Christ predicted the complete destruction of the temple but didn’t think of the Wailing Wall until I read your article. This is what I’ve found. Thanks for your article which enlightened me.

    Mark 13:1-4 “As he was leaving the temple, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Look, Teacher! What massive stones! What magnificent buildings!’ ‘Do you see all these great buildings?’ replied Jesus. ‘Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.’
    The destruction of the temple occurred in 70 AD according to Christ’s prediction.
    Josephus reported, “It [Jerusalem] was so thoroughly laid even with the ground by those that dug it up to the foundation, that there was nothing left to make those that came thither believe it [Jerusalem] had ever been inhabited” (War VII.1,1).
    We also have the eyewitness testimony of Eleazar, the terroist in command of the fortress of Masada before the celebrated mass suicide. This Jewish commander said: “It [Jerusalem] is now demolished to the very foundations [even the foundational stones were all overturned within the whole of Jerusalem], and hath nothing left [of Jerusalem] but THAT MONUMENT of it preserved, I mean the CAMP OF THOSE [the Roman camp] that hath destroyed it [Jerusalem], WHICH [CAMP] STILL DWELLS UPON ITS RUINS: some unfortunate old men also lie upon the ashes of the Temple , and a few women are there preserved alive by the enemy, for our bitter shame and reproach” (War VII,8,7, ).
    Nothing of Jewish Jerusalem or the Temple (including their foundation stones) was left standing and this is exactly what Jesus prophesied would occur. All buildings in Jerusalem, including the Temple and its walls, had been laid even with the ground. The only thing left (as stated by Eleazar and recorded by Josephus who also knew the same facts] was a lone facility identified as the Roman fortress that had been in Jerusalem before the war began. That fortress was Fort Antonia and we have the eyewitness account of Eleazar that that military facility still remained standing.
    Martin asks us “[to], look at the archaeological facts today as they present themselves to all people. Those four prodigious walls of the Haram are still in place in their lower courses and they certainly survived the war. All archaeologists and historians today …readily admit that the Haram esh-Sharif is the only facility of pre-destruction Jerusalem that survived the war with its foundation stones still in evidence. Those four Herodian walls of Fort Antonia and its interior buildings were the only man-made structures that Titus the Roman general allowed to remain for the protection of the Tenth Legion left to monitor Roman affairs. And Josephus said Antonia was built around a prominent “Rock” just like we see in the Haram esh-Sharif under the Dome of the Rock. It is a building complex built just like a Roman fort. It remained and was continued to be used by the Romans as a Fort until 289 A.D., but the Temple did not survive the war. Even Eleazar said the Temple “was in ashes” (absolutely nothing of the Temple survived, as Jesus said would happen). The Haram was NOT in ashes. The truth is, all the Temples were built over the Gihon Spring about 600 feet south of the southern wall of the Haram.

    • I’m a graduate of a Catholic Mission and my daughter studied in a Catholic school in Ontario – so I know enough about prophet Jesus, NT and the Temple of Mount. However, I will let professor Karen Armstrong, a former Nun and considered an authority on Judeo-Christianity tell you about the Temple of King Solomon.

      “Islam’s great Caliph Omar Ibn Al Khatab gave Islam’s teachings a practical shape by showing justice and manifesting respect for other faiths. When Caliph Omar conquered Jerusalem from Christian Byzantines in 638, he insisted that the three faiths of Abraham coexist. He refused to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher when he was escorted around the city by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch. Had he done so, he explained, the Muslims would have wanted to build a mosque there to commemorate the first Islamic prayer in Jerusalem. The Jews found their new Muslim rulers far more congenial than the Byzantines. The Christians had never allowed the Jews to reside permanently in the city, whereas Omar invited 70 Jewish families back. The Byzantines had left the Temple Mount in ruins and had even begun to use the Temple Mount as a garbage dump. Omar, according to a variety of accounts, was horrified to see this desecration. He helped clear it with his own hands, reconstructed the platform and built a simple wooden mosque on the Southern end, site of the al-Aqsa Mosque today”, TIME magazine, April 16, 2001.

      You may like to read my review of Karen’s book ‘The Case for God’, at the link below.

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Okay, I have been doing more research and now I feel angry. The “Wailing Wall” is a hoax. Why did I have to learn this on the internet? Why didn’t someone in my Church tell me? I am going to call some people and tell them about this. I am not a Christian Zionist and I HATE Israel due to her behavior but this takes the cake. I am going to pass the word. I put your blog in my favorites and will be back later. I was actually more interested in the “Wall” than the women after first reading your post but you’re right. The Western media (owned by jews) presents the Islamic woman as being discriminated against but doesn’t tell the truth about what they (the Israelis) do to their own women. However, these are subjects I was already familiar with and the “Wailing Wall” came as a surprise. Thanks again.


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