Gen. Dempsey: ‘Israel can’t defeat Iran’

On Tuesday, America’s top soldier, Gen. Martin Dempsey in a news conference attended by US defense secretary Leon Panetta, said: “Israel can delay but not destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities“.

Attila Somfalvi in Israeli daily YNet, interpreted Dempsey’s remark as a warning to the Zionist regime that without American military help, Jewish army cannot defeat Iran.

The general’s remark was not a slip-of-the-tongue. It was a calculated statement from a general of Irish descent and character. His words constituted a slap in Israel’s face, a punch in the face, and a kick to the most sensitive part of the body. To be more precise, the US slammed Israel’s head against the wall and said: “Shut up. Stop babbling about Iran. Without us there is not much you can do, and don’t assume for a second that we are dancing to your tune. You shouldn’t do anything stupid, and stop driving the entire world crazy,” wrote Attila Somfalvi.

It’s not the first time Gen. Dempsey has ruffed Zionists’ feathers. In 2008, Dempsey’s evaluation of Islamic Republic was: ““We are of the opinion that Iran is a rational player“. This remark angered Zionist Jew head of powerful US think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Dr. Richard N. Haass who slammed Dempsy on MSNBC, saying: “To call Iran a rational actor is code talk. Let me just make it clear, if you call them rational, that means that deterrence works and that means that you’re willing to live with an Iran that has nuclear weapons“.

In February 2012 – Gen. Dempsey denounced a strike on Iran in the near future as “destabilizing” and “not prudent” while speaking to CNN’s Zionist propagandist Fareed Zakaria. Netanyahu had slammed Dempsey’s statement, saying: “The US is adopting policies that will favor Iran, and not their historical ally: Israel”.

Interestingly, last month, three former CIA high-ranking officials, including a station chief in Israel, claimed that they’re victims of Israeli espionage agencies. In other words, America’s so-called “historic ally”, doesn’t trust US intelligence agency which has cooperated slavishly with Israeli spy agencies for decades.

On August 16 – Israeli newspaper the Globes reported Opposition Kadima Party leader, Tehran-born Gen. Shaul Mofaz comments in Knesset on Netanyahu’s war rants against Iran: “You’re creating panic. You’re trying to terrify us. And we are scared by your lack of judgement.You are headed for a rash confrontation at an unnecessary cost while abandoning the home front”.

This week, Netanyahu’ office issued a stinking rebuke to Israel’s president and war-criminal, Shimon Peres, after he said that Israel should not attack Iran alone. “Shimon Peres forgets what the role of President of Israel is,” an official from Netanyahu office said – as reported by Israeli daily Ha’aretz, August 16, 2012.

Last week, Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonoth reported that defense minister Ehud Barak had gathered senior army generals twice (the latest meeting took place at Mossad headquarters) in order to obtain their support for a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. He met fierce opposition on both occasions; the Jewish army was very reluctant to carry out the attack in the absence of American participation in the attack.

A recent poll conducted by Israeli daily Maariv reported that 41% Israelis believe that Israel leave the mission of stopping Iran aquiring ‘nuclear capability’ to United States and the international community – while 33% believe that Israel should act alone to ‘save Jews from the second (in reality enless) Holocaust.

On August 15, Jewish-controlled BBC  posted an interview with American Jewish journalist and blogger Richard Silverstein in which he claimed that in order counter cabinet-military opposition to war with Iran – Netanyahu had leaked out a faked ‘briefing memo’. The memo shows that both Israeli cabinet and military leaders agree with Netanyahu-Barak plan to attack Iran – and that an attack on Iran would go “smoothly” and wipe out key infrastructure with a minimum of Israeli casualties. However, there was no mention of a certain military response from Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas or Syria.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking to reporters said that the International Al-Quds Day is “the day for nations’ public movement to liberate the entire human society from all types of modern times’ slavery“. However, as usual, the Washington-based taxpayers’ subsidised and owned by Israeli Colonel Yigal Carmon, Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri),  translated Ahmadinejad’s remark from Persian to English: “Ahmadinejad called for the destruction of Israel“.

Persosally, I believe that the war plan against Iran has been put on the ‘waiting list’ for the time-being. However, judging by the past record of the powerful Jewish lobby – it will return, perhaps after the US is done with Syria and Pakistan. The lobby once set its target, from Germany to Libya – has never failed destroying those nations.


One response to “Gen. Dempsey: ‘Israel can’t defeat Iran’

  1. We live in a world of injustice, where might makes right. Why should Isral Possess nuclear weapons and Iran should not? If nuclear power countries have no hidden agenda, then let us make the world free of nuclear weapons, since, in the words of President Kennedy, they could be detonated by mad men, by accident, or miscalculation, bringing about catsatrophic consequences.

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