Pakistani pilots who shot-down 10 Israeli jets

On August 14, Pakistan celebrated its 65th Birthday. One thing missing during the celebration, as in the past, is media’s not mentioning of stories of many Pakistani pilots who acted beyond their duty to defend brotherly Arab nations from Israeli attacks.

During the so-called ‘Six Day War (1967) which generated American Jewish support for the Zionist entity for the first time – Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam joined tiny Jordanian Airforce. On June 5, Saiful Azam engaged four Israeli jets over Jordanian Mafraq air base. He shot down a Mystére commanded by Israeli pilot H. Boleh and damaged another that crash-landed in Israeli territory. Two days later, Jordanian airforce commander sent Saiful Azam to help Iraqi airforce. While piloting the Iraqi Hunter Azam shot down two of the Israeli attacking planes. Pakistani pilots shot down a total of ten Israeli jets during 1967 war without losing a pilot or aircraft.

Saiful Azam, native of East Pakistan – joined Bangladesh Air Force in 1971. Both the US and Israel helped India to create Bangladesh out of East Pakistan. Saiful Azam has the unique honor of the only pilot in the world who downed four Israeli jets – and served in four airforces; Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq and Bangladeshi. He also hold world record of shooting-down three kinds of military aircrafts in two different air forces.

During October 1973 Israel’s Yom Kippur war on its Arab neighboring countries – A squadron of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) arrived in Syria to fight alongside the SAF and halt the Israeli advance over the Golan Heights. The PAF pilots Sattar Alvi and Arif Mansoor, engaged and shot down an Israeli F-4 Phantom over Egyptian airspace. Another dogfight between the PAF and IAF over Syrian airspace came to a memorable end with Pakistan obliterating the Israeli Mirage IICJ flown by M. Lutz with air-to-air missiles. This was enough to convince other Israeli fighter planes to bug out and abort all further incursions into Syria.

Other Pakistani pilots who joined Syrian force as volunteers included future Air Marshal Nur Khan, Salem Metla, Shahbaz Khan, Wisaam Faris and Wisaam Shuja’at. Late President of Syria Hafiz Assad awarded two of the pilots country’s highest decorations for gallantry.

Pakistani air force states that all its 12 volunteer pilots scored direct hits against Israeli aircrafts and suffered no losses. During the 1973 war, Flt. Lt. A. Sattar Alvi became the first Pakistani pilot, flying a Syrian aircraft to shoot down an Israeli Mirage in air combat. Similarly on the Egyptian front, PAF pilot Flt. Lt. M. Hatif , flying an Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4 phantom in an air combat. Pakistani Air Force did not lose a single pilot or aircraft in any of the wars.

Read more at Al-Arabiya News, August 1, 2012, here.


25 responses to “Pakistani pilots who shot-down 10 Israeli jets

  1. US helped Pakistan NOT the other way round? You are the one spreading Lies Arif Khan

  2. Indeed, you have it backward, rehmat1. The USA gave arms, fighter jets, and sent advisors to….Pakistan, not India. I know. I am retired USAF and have several friends who were stationed in Pakistan during those years and I have personally worked with the PAF while deployed to south-west Asia. America has nearly always supported Pakistan over India and will continue to do so as long as Pakistan is not used as a base for terrorism against the USA.

    • Backward – Did your Talmud tell you to keep lying all the times? Washington provided military hardware to Pakistan in order to ward-off USSR influence while India was sitting in Moscow’s lap eating all kinds of Jewish candies.
      Pakistan fought four major war wars with India – and every time Washington stopped supply of spare parts for the military equipment it sold to Pakistan – under pressure from the powerful Jewish Lobby.
      Both CIA and Israeli Mossad played a major part in the break-up of Pakistan into Bangladesh.

  3. mr. rehmat have you ever been to bangladesh in your entire life? do you have any idea about bangladesh and the honesty and courage of bangladeshi people? why you uttering the lies provided by your pathetic government since 71? pakistan was a concept rather than a geography, an idea which was materialized by the joint force of muslims in the sub cont. and of-course where the bengali muslim of east bengal had the leading role, history testifies that strongly. pakistan was a co-operative form of union, where its for everybody’s benefit and well being, it did not happen, west pakistan was obsessed with becoming a superpower and claimed themselves as the successor of Mughal empire, introduced luxurious and lavish, sumptuous life style at the cost of its people, where the major financial contribution used to come not from the west but east. while its majority people were dying starved, it assumed west as the “true” pakistan and determined to make east “correct” through ethnic cleansing, and urdu colonization in bengal to control bengali nation who were majority in the whole population, yet the west refused to recognize our position and contribution, and all these happened only within 23 years since the birth of it, and you know what, its not India or israel but its the bloody “you” who made pakistan failed and broken. its not 71 but 47 when Bangladesh was created, when its own map was created apart from yours, its your imprudent action that made that very map independent in if you are a true muslim, then act like a muslim, search for true knowledge and remorse for the sins you have done, otherwise you are no better then the heathens of america, israel or india. thanks and good luck.

    • Shalom Moshe -Yes I have not only lived in Dhaka for two year but I was the Project Engineer of the Pakistan State Bank Headquarter in Motijheel. My residence was in Mirpur near the residence of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman.

      Now tell me, have you been to Bangladesh or even out of India?

  4. sheikh Mujib ur rheman was traitor like today akbar bughati,s sons are in Baluchistan when Mujib got Bangladesh successfully have was being killed in Bangladesh as he has lot of secrets india & russia played a vital role and american become silent playgoer that time Pakistan realized that he has no friend but his own army ,who is a huge threat for chicken hearted Israel ,India ,American, which are the Criminals of the world

  5. According to Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Our army will definitely fight against India (ghazwa-a-Hind) and then they will move to Palestine & Syria to Destroy & Eliminate the Dirty mind ,coward & cruel Israel from the holy land of the Muslims of Arab.

  6. Thanks for yr article. Wow, didn’t know that. No wonder Pakistan is being destabilised left & right by MOSSAD and CIA. See these great circle lines….our teams have been compiling these over known MIHOP disasters by the Zionists. We call these lines ZEAD short for Zionist Evil Axes of Disasters. Pakistan seems to bear the brunt of it. Kudos.

  7. Bengali had the right to voice against the dictatorship of the PA Generals. They showed that despite odds they prevailed and the Pakistani “drunk” and cowardly Generals were stripped down of their arms and valour in front of world cameras. What India did for Bangladesh was in its own interest but the 1971 war proved that Indians had better Generals and we had better soldiers upto Lt. Colonel levels. It means that PA is still a tactical army and its “amateurish” Generals must refrain from adventurous undertakings. Let’s concentrate on building the economy, infrastructure, population control, education and health. And please get rid of those Mullahs and their military allies that are hatching schemes against neighbouring countries. Before starting to blame me or calling me names, I come from a military family and taught politics and military strategy in North America. I love Pakistan and Pakistanis as much as any patriot and I believe in the Mohammadi Islam, not Salafi, Hunmbali or Wahabi or any other. With all due respect the first person who calls me gaddaar or kafir must look inside his shirt discover that his heart is impure and full of gaddri and kufr because no body has the right to call any body any of those things. Sheikh Mujib wanted to get rid of General Yahya khan and he won the election fair and square. He should have been the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

    • But…. but darling if you had read history of British Bengal, you would have learned that it were Bengali “Mullahs and Khawaja’s of Dhakka who created the All India Muslim League in a bid to get rid of British and Hindu domination in the Bharat created out of 5,000 princely states by Muslim invaders from Afghanistan and Iran.

      Sheikh Mujibur Rehman was an opportunist groomed by the first chief minister of Indian West Bengal, Suharwardy (1892-1963). Mujib had no problem with Gen. Yahya Khan. He even promised the General to keep him Governor-General if Awami League made the new central government in Islamabad. Mujib’s real problem was PPP’s Bhutto who wanted to be the new prime minister of Pakistan by hook or crook. Later events proved that both Mujib and Bhutto were Indian poodles bent on destroying Pakistan as an Islamic State. Both were corrupt secularist who loved whiskey.

  8. Pingback: Japan

  9. In other words he shot down one Israeli Jet, and the rest are lies.
    I trust the Arab accounts for nothing, these are the same sites that are publishing that Israel is using birds to spy on Syria. Come on, stop the lies.

  10. Muslims just make imaginations of their own, twist facts, whilst use western technology.

    • As a Muslim, I know we understand Jewish Talmud better than the 12.7 million world Jewry.

      According to Israel’s British Patron, Prince Charles, the West learned modern technology from Muslim Arab scientists in his book ‘Islam and the West’:

      We have underestimated the importance of 800 years of Islamic society and culture in Spain between the 8th and 15th centuries. The contribution of Muslim Spain to the preservation of classical learning during the Dark Ages, and to the first flowerings of the Renaissance, has long been recognized. But Islamic Spain was much more than a mere larder where Hellenistic knowledge was kept for later consumption by the emerging modern Western world. Not only did Muslim Spain gather and preserve the intellectual content of ancient Greek and Roman civilization, it also interpreted and expanded upon that civilization, and made a vital contribution of its own in so many fields of human endeavor – in science, astronomy, mathematics, algebra (itself an Arabic word), law, history, medicine, pharmacology, optics, agriculture, architecture, theology, music. Averroes and Avenzoor, like their counterparts Avicenna and Rhazes in the East, contributed to the study and practice of medicine in ways from which Europe benefited for centuries afterwards.
      Islam nurtured and preserved the quest for learning. In the words of the tradition, ‘the ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr’. Cordoba in the 10th century was by far the most civilized city of Europe. We know of lending libraries in Spain at the time King Alfred was making terrible blunders with the culinary arts in this country. It is said that the 400,000 volumes in its ruler’s library amounted to more books than all the libraries of the rest of Europe put together. That was made possible because the Muslim world acquired from China the skill of making paper more than 400 years before the rest of non-Muslim Europe. Many of the traits on which modern Europe prides itself came to it from Muslim Spain. Diplomacy, free trade, open borders, the techniques of academic research, of anthropology, etiquette, fashion, various types of medicine, hospitals, all came from this great city of cities.

      Medieval Islam was a religion of remarkable tolerance for its time, allowing Jews and Christians the right to practice their inherited beliefs, and setting an example which was not, unfortunately, copied for many centuries in the West. The surprise, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent to which Islam has been a part of Europe for so long, first in Spain, then in the Balkans, and the extent to which it has contributed so much towards the civilization which we all too often think of, wrongly, as entirely Western. Islam is part of our past and our present, in all fields of human endeavor. It has helped to create modern Europe. It is part of our own inheritance, not a thing apart.

  11. Brother rehmat,
    How wrong you are. How can be Its that easy for you to say US and Israel helped india to create Bangladesh ignoring your own(pakistan) mistakes, forgetting your inhuman barbaric actions. OK according to you sheikh Mujib was an Indian conspirator, although he got 55% vote during 1970s election. How can you explain this fact, so all 55% of pakistanese were voted an Indian conspirator? Ok let’s forget this data, agree that sheik was a conspirator. So because he was a consperator, because he was from east Pakistan, you guys came to a decision that all the east pakistanese were consperator? So that your military killed 30 million bangalese? Raped 1 lakh bangali women? Killed innocent children’s? You guys forget that, it was not Bangladesh than, it was Pakistan. And you the selfclimed pakistanese killed your own brother, raped your brother ‘s mother, sister, daughter. Killed your brothers child. More so you attacked east Pakistan at night, when innocent east pakistanese were sleeping after a days work. And still you want to say that US and Israel with India created Bangladesh.

    Pakistan was a concept created to unite all the Muslims of the India under a single platform. “Larke lia pakistan” “inkilab jindabad” was the slogans created by banglai students at the street of calcata. Its us, bangalese gave their life in bloody riot to creat pakistan in 47. But suddenly you guys become pakistanese and marked the people of east pakistan as Hindus. You invaded in the student hall of Dhaka university at 25th march night and killed hundred s of sleeping students. Yet US created Bangladesh. Your military invaded in girls hostel, raped them, killed them and yet Israel created Bangladesh. Killing a baby at its mother’s womb in front of fother and yet India created Bangladesh. You guys, the west pakistanese back then did nothing, right? All was USA, Israel and India’s doing, right? They came at the disguise of pakistanese and killed innocent people, right? And by doing so they created Bangladesh, right?

    Actually deviding from pakistan back then was a blessing for us. Look at the rate of GDP, literacy rate, child health rate, women’s education even cricket. We are increasing, developing day by day and pakistan are going backwords. Once pakistan was forth military power of the world, now people knows them as a country of terrorist. And its all are US and Israel s fault, right? You talked about Islam but maximum no of heat in porn sites comes from pakistan, you count yourself Muslim but still you killed you daughter in the name of honour killing.

    Rehmat you said you were in Bangladesh once, and you know the history of pakistan and Bangladesh. So if you are still saying that US and Israel create Bangladesh than either you are liar or you know nothing. Start taking responsibilities of your action without blaming others. You can still save Pakistan. I was a big fan of Pakistan cricket team. But look at your team now , its measurable. You described the bravery of a Pakistani pilot saiful ajom. For your information, He is actually a bangali and grounded from pakistan air force in 1971 due to be an east Pakistani.

    • Lol ….. The same way a Jew call himself Siddique ……

      Sheikh Mujibur Rehman’s daughter, as prime minister of Bangladesh has proved that her father was an Indian Azz-licker by licking anti-Pakistan Rajendra Modi’s AZZ during his recent visit to Dhaka.

      During his speech in Dhaka, Modi told Hasina sheikh and the Bengali fools that Bangladesh wouldn’t have appeared on World Map, without the help of Hindu India.

  12. thanx, at least, someone from west pakistan remembering a Bangldeshi hero… but have you forgotten that USA helped pakistan in 1971… they were supported your Army’s mass killing… they were sending their 7th fleet against Bangladeh… your Army will rewarded as butcher/killer in the history for their massacre… All the credit what you earned/owned would be go to beneath for that mess…
    hahahhaah…. No worries bro, Bangalee will invade Delhi in future.. and Hasina is the Prime Minister only not exchanger/ broker…Though she is underlying to India but we are concern.. It is not so easy to deface/uprooted as it was told in 71…
    lastly respect for post and peace upon everyone… 🙂

    • No American didn’t helped Pakistan in any war with India. I fact, the Pentagon always put banned on supply of spare parts to Pakistan armed forces. Pakistan lost East Pakistan over politics and not by military weakness. Mujib, Bhutto, and Yahya Khan – all played ethnic and linguistic plots to break-up Pakistan. Both Mujib and Bhutto died as “criminals”, while Yahya died drunk in the lap of a prostitute.

      I spent last two years of East Pakistan in Motijheel Dhakka and saw Awami League and Hindutva goon rapping and murdering Urdu-speaking Bihari Muslims.

  13. Everyone should see the interview on YouTube of the KGB station head in New Delhi in 1971 and the Soviet Admiral tasked to prevent East pakistan receiving help from sea. He says we planned the East Pakistan break up, trained mukti bahini, flown via india to be trained in Russia and CIA looked the other way. He says, “Indians were incapable of anything, we practically ran the entire show”. They were our pawns in the game. KGB head said , we wanted to turn East Pakistan into Bangladesh into a communist satellite state ( note the red circle in the flag) and revenge for pakistan helping US and for the U2 , Gary powel episode.

    • I don’t blame Soviet Union doing that. It was helping its ally India to destroy a nation that refused to live within Hindu-dominated Mother India.

      I heard Soviet president Nikita Khrushchev in Lahore claiming that Moscow invited Liaquat Ali Khan to visit Russia in 1948, the invitation he declined and later visited Washington. Only after that, Moscow invited Pandit Nehru, who jumped on the very first flight to Moscow.

      China was the only major power which supported Pakistan against India in 1971.

      Indian Jewish Lt. Gen. (ret) Jacob Farj Rafael in his 1997 book, “Surrender at Dacca: Birth of a Nation,” boasted that he masterminded the whole Indian military operation against Pakistan Army defending East Pakistan under the command of Lt. Gen. Niazi. He called the “official story” which gave credit to his bosses; Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw and Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora, being ‘cockamamie’….

  14. Rajiv Ghandhi once said, ” politics is like a game of billiards, to hit one ball, you have to hit anothe ball first ” !

    • How can you quote Rajiv when you cannot pronounce his last name properly? It’s GANDHI – and he was no statesman. He became prime minister as part of Nehru Dynasty.

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