Morsi coup: A game of ‘musical chairs’

On August 13, in a bold move, the newly elected Egyptian President Dr. Mohamed Morsi sacked several top ruling military junta (SCAF) leaders and re-assigned them to civilian positions. The list included pro-USrael defense minister and head of military junta, FM Hussein Tantawi, Chief of Army Staff Gen. Sami Anan, and commanders of Navy, Air Defense and Air Force.

Both dismissed Tantawi and Anan have been re-appointed as presidential advisers. Lt. Gen. Sidki Sayed Ahmed was named as Anan’s replacement. Morsi also appointed a senior judge, Mahmoud Mekki, as vice-president, Gen. Mohamed El Assar as deputy defense minister, Gen. Mohab Mamish as the CEO of Suez Canal authority and Abdel Mabrouk as Governor of North Sinai. All decisions are effective immediately.

Interestingly, these changes did no raised eye-brows in Washington or Tel Aviv. However, thousands of Egyptians did celebrate the announcement on Sunday night in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Israel-Firster Jew, David Ignatius, writing in the Washington Post (August 12, 2012) said that the US has confidence in the the installation of new defense minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who has had extensive contacts with Washington. The Time of Israel has reported that Israel too has confidence in al-Sisi as “he is well acquainted with Israel’s security elites – from defense ministry policy director Amos Gilad to Netanyahu’s special envoy Yitzhak Molcho – and of course Israel’s defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak“.

Hillary Clinton’s deputy, Jew Willian Burn met Morsi last month in Cairo and presented him Obama’s invitation to meet the US president at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York next month.

Dr. George Friedman, the Zionist Jew Founder and CEO of US based intelligence firm Stratfor, wrote on August 14, under heading, ‘The Israeli Crisis’, saying that Morsi’s coup is “all part of an agreement between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood that gives Morsi the appearance of greater power while actually leaving power with the military”. Friedman also admitted that Israel cannot survive without the help of the United States. “It is important to take into account the American role in this, because ultimately Israel’s national security – particularly if its strategic environment deteriorates – rests on the United States“.

I believe a genuine Arab democracy is Zionism’s worst nightmare – and America’s world-renowned Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky, too, agree with me on that. Therefore, Morsi’s coup is nothing but the implementation of US-Israeli evil plan of replacing the unpopular pro-West dictorial regimes in the Muslim world with the pro-West ‘moderate Islamist regimes’. We see it also happened in Turkey, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya in the past. The idea is to pre-empt genuine Islamists coming into power via democracy or revolution, as is the case in Bahrain, Somalia, Pakistan, Bosnia and Lebanon.

It’s very important for the readers to know that the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ is based on the Israeli strategist, Oded Yinon’s 1982 theory . It was cooked-up a few years ago, during a meeting in New York city by the US State Department, CIA, Mossad and several Zionist Jewish heads of social network sites. Yinon theory calls for the break-up Middle countries into small statelets like Bahrain and that Israel should not only regain control of Sinai but also encourage the creation of a dominantly Coptic state in Upper Egypt. Yinon advised Israel against giving up any of the land it occupied. Interestingly, Yinon makes none of the conventional arguments related to Israel’s biblical claims. Instead, he offers arguments of a mainly economic nature. He says that Israel needs an increasing supply of energy, especially oil and gas, and some of the mineral resources of Sinai. Those resources, he argues, are essential to Israel’s strategy and independence.

Dr. Franklin Lamb in his recent article has claimed that Morsi’s move and the events in the Sinai Peninsula could make Egypt join the Axis of Resistance (Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and Syria). I sincerely hope that Dr. Lamb is right and I’m wrong.

According to Dr. Lamb, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and even a US Congress official have blamed Israeli Mossad for the recent terrorist attack on Sinai border police. “There has been a relentless campaign by Zionist leaders since Mubaraks ouster, to weaken the Egyptian public’s determination to isolate Israel and cancel their governments relations with the occupiers of Palestine,” wrote Dr. Lamb.

Unfortunately, following the most recent operation the Rafah crossing has been indefinitely closed just like it was under the deposed Egyptian president which will cause great hardship to Gazans and amounts to nothing less than Israeli style collective punishment as claimed by Musa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas official.


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