Iran: ‘No difference between Obama and Romney’

On Wednesday, the Zionist-controlled US Congress approved new ‘crippling sanctions’ against Iran’s energy and mining section. The new sanctions have made oil prices rise once again – a good sign for Iranian oil export.

GOP Marmon presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on his recent pilgrimage to the Zionist entity made several stupid statements to attract US-Israel Jewish votes. For example, while talking with a group of Jewish-American backers in Jerusalem – Romney made a racist statement claiming that Palestinians are poorer than Israelis due to their inferior culture. He also claimed that the difference was about 2 to 1, when it is more like 20 to 1. Romney also told his Israeli audience to their great pleasure that the Islamic Republic is “the most destabilizing nation in the world”.

In order to counter Romney’s drive for Israeli support – Barack Obama signed a measure at the White House ceremony – and announced the release of $70 million in approved funding for Israel’s short-range rocket shield known as “Iron Dome”, a project backed strongly by the powerful pro-Israel Jewish Lobby. The “Iron Dome” is meant to save Israel from the next possible Holocaust as result of Hizbullah’s rockets.

The veteran British journalist and author, Rupert Cornwell, in his July 22 Op-Ed in in daily Independent claimed, rightfully, that the two percent US Jewish population decide who should be the President of the United States or who should sit in the Congress and the Senate for that matter.

The Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, a pro-Israel Arab TV Network, asked Professor Sayyid Mohammad Morandi (University of Tehran) about the differences between Obama and Romney when it comes to the US relations with the Islamic Republic (watch video below). Dr. Morandi observed that from an Iranian perspective, there is not a lot of difference between Romney and President Obama. He also challenged Romney that after killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain – and destabilizing the entire Muslim East – American leaders are not in the position to point finger at Iran.

The Iranians have been talking. The Iranians are basically saying that ‘we are willing to negotiate.’ But the Western position is ‘you give up everything and then we’ll start talking.’ The Iranian right to enriching uranium is a right that all sovereign countries have. And the Iranian Revolution itself was partially about dignity and independence,” said Dr. Morandi.

The Iranians are not going to accept being a second-rate country. This is not the Saudi regime or the Jordanian regime. This is a country that is fiercely independent. So the Iranians will continue to enrich uranium within the framework of the NPT and international law. The United States cannot stop Iran from doing so. If the United States was reasonable and rational, if the Europeans were rational, then the Iranians would be willing to give further assurances to ease tensions. But the United States isn’t really after that, in the eyes of Iranians,” added Dr. Morandi.


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