Nasrallah: ‘Faith is Hizbullah’s real strength’

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah said on Wednesday that following its defeat in July 2006 , the Zionist entity had changed tactics to focus on trying to destroy Hezbollah through a “soft war” to turn Arabs against each other. He urged supporters to return to faith (Islam) as that was the primary source of party’s victory over Israel army in 2000 and 2006.

30 years later, this is why we’re still strong and sustainable, our faith. No one truly understands this faith – not our enemies and not our friends because they have different values,” he added.

On July 18, Ibrahim al-Amin, editor-in-chief of pro-Hizbullah Lebanese daily al-akhbar had suggested that Hizbullah should quit Lebanese government which is nothing but a group of ‘sellouts’.

There’s no longer any point in the resistance remaining in government. The government is no longer good for anything. Even the argument that people would be worse off if there was no government at all does not hold. No good will come from the current government surviving,” he wrote.

There’s no longer any point in the resistance getting mixed up in political games that tarnish its reputation – even if unfairly , – undermine its standing, and make it resemble the gangsters who make up most of the political class in this land of the deranged. What matters to the members of this wretched and criminal club is to be rid of this (Resistance) burden. They cannot be expected to defend the honor of resistance fighters when they possess none of their own,” he added.

I wanted to post a response to Ibrahim al-Amin’s column which he wrote with his admiration and love for the Resistance, but then I came across Dr. Franklin Lamb’s response in which he said that “now is not the time for Hizbullah to cut and run, that was more than what I could have said.

This observer admits that politically speaking, things might appear a bit tough for Hizbollah these days but will spare the dear reader the tedium of a laundry list of what the Party has experienced over the past 20 months in terms of domestic and foreign attacks, condemnations, calumny, obliquey, sundry plots, and legislative and political wounds, some a result of the Party of God lumbering under the weight of some tawdry political ‘allies’ who it must work with in Parliament. Some concerned friends of Hizbollah sometimes over react out of sincere solidarity and friendship and a desire to protect the Resistance from surrounding events that are swirling out of control around them,” wrote Dr. Lamb.

On the 6th anniversary of Lebanon’s July 2006 victory over Israel during the latter’s fifth war against Lebanon which included its brutal 1978, 1982,1993, 1996 aggressions, it was quite normal to discuss and evaluate where the Resistance is today in terms of its work and goals, not least of which is Hezbollah’s moral, religious, political and humanitarian duties to support the Palestinians growing international campaigns to retrieve their country which is still occupied by a Zionist colonial regime after more than six decades and their obligation to enact in Parliament right to work and home ownership legislation for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon,” added Dr. Lamb.


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  1. My thanks and appreciation for sharing the words of Dr. Lamb. ^..^

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