Obama, Netanyahu and the ‘Ray Gun’

Eli Valley is a New York-based Jewish cartoonist and writer. In his latest cartoon, entitled ‘The Hater in the Sky’, (see the cartoon here), depicts Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu raping and eating American president Barack Obama’s limbs as he forces him to implement his demands which include the deployment of an Amrican built “intergalatic robotic gun” to protect the Zionist entity from “possible meteor (Hizbullah missiles) showers”. 

You really don’t care for Jews, do you?”, Netanyahu asks Obama at the end of the political cartoon.

Ben Shapiro, has called the cartoon “the most anti-Semitic cartoons ever published” at the Breitbart.

As usual, Abraham Foxman, national director of Israel lobby group ADL, has slammed Eli Valley for his latest cartoon in an interview published by Jewish magazine algemeiner (May 14, 2012) – calling it “offensive and obnoxious and crosses the line“.

Eli Valley, is the resident cartoonist at America’s oldest Jewish magazine, Forward, and his work has appeared in several other Jewish media outlets, such as, New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Saveur and Israeli daily Ha’aretz. In a 2010 interview, Eli Valley claimed that in order to prove that “nobody does anti-Semitism better than the Jews“, he restarted using his comic talents after Iranian newspaper’s Holocaust Cartoon Contest in November 2006. The Iranian contest was held in response to the insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) published by Ukrainian Jewish cultural editor, Flemming Rose of Danish daily Jyllands-Posten.

In January 2003, editorial cartoonist Dave Brown of Britain’s daily The Independent, penned a cartoon depicting former Israeli prime minister, the Butcher of Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon Ariel Sharon eating a Palestinian child. Brown used Francesco de Goya’s 1819 painting titled “Saturn Devouring One of His Children“. Brown’s cartoon received 2003 first prize of the year award from Britain’s Political Cartoon Society, sponsored by the Bilderberg Group linked The Economist. Under pressure from the British Jewish lobby groups, the daily Independent has removed the controversial cartoon from its archives.


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