Egypt and the myth of ‘Arab Spring’

The Zionist entity is the only country which has benefited from the ‘Arab Spring’,” Maj. Gen. Marwan Charbel, Lebanese interior minister on Russian Television, June 7, 2012.

Last week, the newly elected President of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Morsi issued a decree announcing the return of Egyptian parliament pending the completion of the Constitution. Morsi’s decision was slammed by the leaders of all secular parties and the Chancellor Maher El Beheiry, president of the Supreme Constitutional Court. However, to people’s surprise, the USrael-supported military junta (SCAF) avoided to criticize Morsi’s decision.

Israel-Firster Barack Obama was the first western leader to congratulate Morsi. Obama told Morsi that Washington “will continue to support Egypt’s transition to democracy“. The White House announced that the two presidents pledged to develop US-Egypt partnerships, staying in close contact in the coming months. In plain words, the Israel-Egypt peace treaty and Egypt’s supply of cheap gas to the Zionist entity will remain in force in return for America’s annual bribe of $1.3 billion.

Obama’s support for Egyptian democracy comes with a price. Morsi has no executive authority under the SCAF-passed constitution. He is not the commander-in-chief of Egyptian Armed Forces. He cannot even appoint senior military commanders. Morsi’s function is reduced to an administrator whose job will be to carry out the orders of USrael-supported military without any say in day-to-day decision-making. Thus, Morsi will be held accountable for failing to show results if country’s policies do not work but he will have no input in formulating those policies.

Abu Dharr, a senior Islamic scholar, in an article, entitled ‘The day democracy died‘ has exposed the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ and the ‘democracy charade’ in Egypt. He claims that Mulim Brotherhood leadership showed their lack of Allah and Holy Qur’an-driven conscience by extending their hands in friendship to Washington and the military junta.

Abu Dharr also warned Morsi against western-puppet Saudi and Salafis who are the greatest stumbling block in the unity of Muslim world.

A future consolidation of the three Islamic trends in Iran, Turkey and Egypt will call America’s terrorism bluff. An finally the Zionists will come to realize what an “existential threat” really means,” wrote Abu Dharr.


2 responses to “Egypt and the myth of ‘Arab Spring’

  1. Israel has not ‘benefitted’ by the Arab Spring at all. They lost their ally, Mubarrak.
    Come on. Please.

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