Putin: ‘Israel will regret attacking Iran’

During his recent visit to the Zionist entity, the newly elected Russian President Vladimir Putin told Israeli president Peres and prime minister Netanyahu that the Zionist regime will regret it if it launches a military strike on Islamic Republic (alone or with the US support). While discussing Iran and western-sponsored rebellion in Syria – Putin warned Israeli leaders to learn from Washington mistakes (wars) in the region which has resulted pro-Iran governments both in Iraq and Lebanon while a similar situation is expected in Afghanistan after the NATO forces leave the country in 2014.

At a state dinner Monday, Israeli President Shimon Peres urged Putin to “raise his voice” against a nuclear Iran. Putin responded by saying that Russia has a “national interest” to secure peace and quiet in Israel and the rest of Muslim world.

On Tuesday, Putin also held a meeting with the PA president and US-Israel double agent Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. While visiting biblical sites in Bethlehem, Putin slammed Zionist regime for its “unilateral actions” – an apparent reference to Israeli illegal settlement construction on land stolen from native Palestinian – is not constructive.

Israel has moved half a million settlers to the West Bank and East Jerusalem since the 1967 war.

On Tuesday, Putin also traveled to Amman to hold talks with Jordanian King Abdullah II. Both leaders talked about the so-called ‘two-state solution‘ for the occupied Palestine, bloodshed in Syria, Iran’s nuclear program and Russian assistance to Jordan to build a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes and modernizing an oil terminal in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Israeli and Zionist-controlled western media have given different interpretations to Putin’s visit to the Zionist entity and his statements. For example, Zvi Magen former Israeli ambassador in Moscow, claimed that with the revival of political Islam in the Middle East, Russia finds Israel the only friend in the region. “It seems that, in this new reality, Moscow senses that Russia and Israel are in the same boat, allowing the former to view the latter as a desirable partner in the region,” says Magen.

Magen is not entirely wrong for some reasons. Russians’ centuries-old hatred toward Muslims do make a common ground with the Muslim-hating Zionists, both Jews and Christians. Russia along with the US, Israel, China and India still occupy Muslim lands.

The pro-Israel BBC and Reuters put Zionist spin – “Shimon Peres stepped-up the pressure on Putin – And Netanyahu urged action on Iran after meeting Putin“. The Israeli Hasbara idiots ignored the fact that Putin had a meeting with Ahmadinejad in Beijing on June 7, 2012 during which Putin had supported Iran’s right to enrich uranium for civilian application.

Your position is that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and this is what we base everything on,” Putin told Ahmadinejad.


2 responses to “Putin: ‘Israel will regret attacking Iran’

  1. It was a minor point in your article, but you did say near the beginning that expectations exist that Afghanistan might move into Iran’s orbit once the U.S. pulls out. Given the intense Pakistani-Indian rivalry for control of Afghanistan and the hostility between Iran and the Taliban, I wonder who anticipates that Iran will emerge on top, and exactly how Iran might achieve such a victory?

  2. Strategically, India is a minor player in Afghanistan – as it has no common border with Afghanistan. Pakistan has the longest (2430 Kilometers) followed by Iran (945 Kilometers). Taliban hatred toward Iran was not based on nationalism but on religious sectarianism (Wahabism vs Shiaism) which was fueled by the US-Israel-Saudi Arabian ‘axis of evil’. Some of Taliban leaders have learned a lesson in the hard way – While Sunni Pakistan collaborated with the US-NATO against Taliban, Shia Iran refused to cooperate with the Western invaders.

    Both Karzai and Zardari have visited Tehran more than they visited Washington. Iran has provided over $500 million to Kabul since 2002 for rebuilding country’s infrastructure.

    Both Afghanistan and Iran have linguist and historic links. Majority of Afghans speak Persian. In the past, both Afghan and Iranian kings have ruled Indian sub-continent (present-day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).

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