Iran: ‘No surrender in Moscow either’

America and Israel want imperial dominance. Iran wants to live free in peace,” Stephen Lendman, a Jewish American investgating journalist, author and blogger.

The naive ‘optimism’ on the part of Iran, China and Russia for a possible compromise between P5+1 and Iran in the coming meeting in  Moscow next month – has already been under Zionist media attack.

In reality, the western powers have never been sincere in resolving their conceived fear of Iran being a threat to their proxy in the Muslim East, the Zionist regime, which is sitting on a stockpile of 400 nuclear bombs and threatens all its neighors and some European countries. Their so-called ‘negotiations’ with Iran is in fact a circus show. The US and its western allies have already made up their minds to bring in a pro-Israel regime change in Tehran, no matter what. Therefore, every time, Tehran has narrowed-down its demands to halt its nuclear enrichment program at 20% – the P5+1 has raised the stakes knowing no Iranian government will agree to them.

William dB. Mills suggests that in order to narrow-down the gap between P5+1 and Iranian expectations, the United States must recognize, 1) Iran’s right to enrichment allowed as a signatory of NPT, 2) Israel’s nuclear rogue status and 3) what “Tehran will get for accepting any part of the highly discriminatory rules the US wishes to impose on Iran“.

So far, the West gives no appearance of intending to negotiate anything other than Iran’s surrender. That ain’t happening; it’s recipe for disaster. Moreover, if somehow did occur, it would only set the stage for a more serious subsequent crisis; Israeli extremists would be emboldened and all Iranian would be infuriated. As for negotiating a genuine solution, the Western position is still not even close to the starting gate,” wrote Mills.

Iranian top negotiator, Saeed Jalili, has stated that though he is still optimist about the P5+1 and Iranian meeting in Moscow, however, he emphasized that Tehran will never cancel it enrichment program. Asked about the US alleged concerns about Iran’s 20-percent enriched uranium, Jalili reiterated, “Shouldn’t the US be concerned about the disappearance of 120kg of highly-enriched uranium on its (the US) soil?”

Jalili was refering to the news published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists that “741 pounds of highly enriched uranium suitable for weapons production disappeared from NUMEC while Dr. Zalman Shapiro (a Zionist Jew) was president and was likely diverted into the Israeli nuclear weapons program“.


One response to “Iran: ‘No surrender in Moscow either’

  1. Israel a US proxy???
    Does that not contradict the NUMEC question?
    One is left to wonder then, where is the supposed US gain in it all?
    Why should the US care about “bringing in a pro-Israel regime” in Iran?
    This is the problem with reading Lendman, he re-directs attention away from Israel by presenting Israel as serving some obscure (and never analyzed) Western interest.
    This falls into the “we are running out of oil” and must “deprive China of access to it” school of disinformation propagated at Golbal “Research”.
    Never mind that the US and Canada export oil to China and that Western corporations in China are the big users of energy in China which powers production that is shipped into Western nations.

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