Sarkozy hits the bucket: ‘Iran wins?’

Socialist Party’s Jewish candidate Francois Hollande defeated his half-Jewish opponent UMP’s Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday to become the next President of France.

Sarkozy is the latest victim of a wave of European voters’ anger at wars, government spending, bailouts for the privileged 1% and discrimination of religious and ethnic minorities especially Muslims.

After 35 years of politics, after 10 years at the highest levels of government, after five years as head of state, I will become a Frenchman among the French,” Sarkozy said last night, conceding defeat.

Last year, Sarkozy got his Jewish Socialist opponent Dominique Strauss-Kahn trapped in a sex scandal while on visit to the United States.

Israeli warmongering radical Jewish prime minister Netanyahu seems to have lost his strongest European supporter. Tony Karon wrote in the Time Magazine on April 24 that Sarkozy’s defeat will be a victory for Iran.

Sarkozy is widely regarded as the most Israel-friendly French president ever and is also Israel’s best bet among Western leaders for maintaining a hard line on Iran. Even if presidential frontrunner Francois Hollande is unlikely, if elected, to change France’s formal position on Iran, the Socialist Party candidate is also highly unlikely to reprise Sarkozy’s hyperactive and reliably hawkish hectoring of Washington and his European neighbors to escalate pressure on Iran – and to resist compromise with Tehran on the issue of uranium enrichment“.

During ten year as France’s interiror minister and later president, Nicolas Sarkozy not only angered the 8 million strong French Muslim community by his anti-Muslim and anti-immigration policies but also angered non-French Europeans by his blind support for Israel and destroying economies of several European nations with the help of Germany’s Angela Markel.

Syria’s only privately-owned newspaper, Al-Watan, raises hopes that new French President Hollande may be able to reverse some of Sarkozy’s damages in the Muslim East by distancing from Western ‘humanitarian colonialism’ and its puppet Arab rulers.

The daily hailed the defeat of Israel-Firster Sarkozy whose foreign minister Alain Juppe has been calling for a regime change in Baghdad via military action – as international mediator Kofi Annan’s peace plan is not working according to USrael’s expectations.

The Sarkozy-Juppe duo in the dustbin of history,” announced the front page headline of the daily Al-Watan.

In December 2004, Alain Juppe, a Christian Zionist was convicted for mishandling public funds. He was sentenced to 14-month in jail and banned to take part in parliamentary elections.

Ramin Mehmanparast, spokesman for Iranian foreign ministry stated that he hopes Paris would review its anti-Iran policy in future.

The defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential election shows the French government’s wrong policy. Iran now hopes that Francois Hollande administration would take a positive position in its foreign policy,” said Ramin.

Sarkozy who spearheaded the four UNSC ‘crippling sanctions’ against Iran – always supported Israel’s military actions against its Arab neighbors. He warned Tehran on several occasions against country’s nuclear program and threatened Iran with military actions. However, he had cautioned Israeli leaders to stay cool and don’t try to attack Iran alone.


2 responses to “Sarkozy hits the bucket: ‘Iran wins?’

  1. Francois Hollande is also jewish. the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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