Plight of Christians in Jewish occupied Palestine

The very name Jesus was for Jews a symbol of all that is abominable, and this popular tradition still persists. The Gospels are equally detested, and they are not allowed to be quoted, let alone taught, even in modern Israeli Jewish schools,” wrote late professor Israel Shahak.

Bob Simon reports the plight of Christians under Jewish Israeli rule at CBS News 60 MINUTES (watch video below). Israeli ambassador in Washington, Jewish supremacist Michael Oren, tried to bully CBS to kill the 12-minutes segment related to religious bigotry and social discrimination of native Palestinian Christian forcing them to leave Israel.

On April 1, 1978, former Jewish terrorist Menachem Begin, as prime minister of the Zionist entity, declared preaching Christianity to Jews in Israel a crime punishable with five years’ imprisonment and three years’ imprisonment for any Jew who converted. So much so, even if a Christian give a Gospel leaflet to Israeli Jew, he violate the law.

The hatred of western Zionist Jews toward Christianity can be judged by Knesset member Binyamin Halevy, who called Christian missionaries “a cancer in the body of the nation“. In 1979, Gen. Yehoshaphat Harkabi admitted that Israel’s Chaief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef had issued a ruling that copies of the New Testament should be burned.

Dr. Issa Nakhleh, a native Palestinian Christian lawyer and diplomat – in his book ‘Encyclopedia of the Palestinian Problem’ has documented dozens of attacks against Christians, Christian holy places, and Christian rights in Israel.

After occupying East Jerusalem in June, 1967, Jewish soldiers opened the church of the Holy Sepulchre to Jewish visitors. Indecently dressed Jewish visitors entered the church joking and pouring Talmudic hate and insults against Jesus, his mother Mary and Christians in general next to the tomb of Jesus Christ.

In 1948, armed Jewish terrorists got vacated Christian villages of  Iqrit and Bir’im in the Galilee by killing and expelling the inhabitants.

Donald Neff, former Time Magazine Bureau Chief in Israel, in his latest article, titled Christian in Israel Suffer Prejudice from Jewish Bigots has detailed the plight of Christian minority in the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’.

I wonder what the Guardians of Christianity against Islam, such as, Pope Benedict XVI, ArchBishop of Canterbury, Rev. John Hagee, Rev. Pat Robertson, Holy Qur’an burning Pastor Terry Jones and Barack Obama have to say to help their Christian brothers in dire need?

And finally, in order to save their souls, US evangelical Christian Zionists provide free labour to illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank.


One response to “Plight of Christians in Jewish occupied Palestine

  1. Actually palestinian Christians and Muslims, both at large are being oppressed by Israeli, Zionists!
    If you don’t believe me watch:
    palestinian christian population decline
    church attack by Israelis!

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