UK Jewish Lobby after Lord Ahmad

British member of House of Lord, Lord Nazir Ahmed, 53, is hounded by Israel Hasbara (propaganda) dogs for saying that Israel-Firsters Tony Blair and George Bush should be tried in international court of justice as war criminals.

The Zionist media has claimed that in Haripur (Azad Kashmir) Lord Ahmed said that if Barack Obama can post $10 million bounty on professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed – he can offer $15 million for the arrest and prosecution of war criminals Tony Blair, George Bush and Barack Obama. He has denied the allegation and have asked his accusers to provide some proof – which as usual, will never surface. However, Lord Ahmed do admit that he mentioned Obama along with Blair and Bush as war criminals. He also says that he did urge Muslim nations to unite if Iran is attacked. He also said that he is in favour of denuclearization of the region but it should be started with the Zionist entity.

Obama’s Zionist-controlled administration has offered $10 million bounty to pin Israeli Mossad’s 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack on Hafiz Mohammad Saeed’s Lashkar-e-Taiba. Last year, both Bush and Blair were convicted for war crimes by a unanimous vote at Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal in Malaysia. Watch a video below.

However, it’s not the latest outburst from Lord Ahmed which has pissed-off the UK Jewish lobby groups – but his anti-Israel past record. According to Israel Hasbara member, Harry’s Place, Lord Ahmed’s anti-Semitism include; Ahmed gave a pass to a member of Middle East Monitor Online (MEMO) website, visited some of Hamas leaders, he along with Baroness Tonge, invited Sheikh Salah, leader of Israel’s Islamic Movement, he campaigned against banning of Islamic preacher and author from India, Dr. Zakir Naik, he supported Muslim Mayor candidate Lutfur Rahman (also anti-Jew current London Mayrol candidate Ken Livingstone), having links with Pakistan’s Ja’amat-e-Islami and invited the ‘self-hating Jew’, Russian-Israel citizen, Israel Shamir.

Lord Ahmed, member of British Labour Party, became a life peer in 1998. He must be proud to be in the company of fellow Labour peer, Baroness Jenny Tonge, who recently said: “It will not go on for ever, it will not go on for ever. Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown”.

British Jewish lobby groups have demanded that Labour Party leader, Jewish Ed Milliband expel Lord Ahmed from the party. They succeeded in expelling George Galloway from Labour party in 2003 for his opposition to Iraq war for Israel. Last month, George Galloway returned to British Parliament in a landslide victory by defeating Labour Muslim opponent Imran Hussain.

Labour Party has suspended Lord Ahmed of Rotherham pending investigation into allegations that he offered bounty for Obama and urged Muslim nations to defend Iran if it’s attacked – and demanded the international community to force Israel to abandon its nuclear bombs. Being a life peer like Baroness Tonge – I don’t think the ‘suspension’ would effect Lord Ahmed’s health.

Lord Ahmed has been vocal critic of anti-Muslim bigotry in Britain. He played a major part in the entry ban on Islamophobe Dutch MP Geert Wilders who sought to screen his anti-Islam film in Britain in 2009. Wilders had lived in Israel for two years and has visited the Zionist entity 40 times during the last 25 years.

Lord Ahmed was also highly critical of awarding knighthood to the anti-Islam hate writer Salman Rushdie in 2007, saying he was appalled by the decision as Rushdie has “blood on his hands”.

How ironic British Zionist Jews refuse to learn from their past experience. It was their dominance of English society which forced the British King Edward I to expel the entire Jewish community in 1290. It was Crypto-Jew, Oliver Cromwell who allowed wealthy Jews to return to England in 1657 in the hope that they would boost country’s economy after the Civil Wars (1642-1651).


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