Galloway: ‘I’m better Pakistani than Hussain’

As a great shock to both pro-Israel British government and official Opposition – the maverick George Galloway returned to British parliament from Bradford West constituency by securing 56% majority. A great majority of Muslim residents of Bradford West (38%) voted for George Galloway against fellow Muslim Labour candidate Imran Hussain, a Pakistani Muslim Tom. In one of his speeches Galloway told his audience: “I am a better Pakistani than Hussain (the pro-war Labour candidate) will ever be”. Watch the video below.

The frustrated Israel lobby groups immediately called George Galloway; “a Jew hater”, a “secret Muslim” like Barack Obama, supporter of “terrorist groups”, such as Hamas and Hizbullah and “anti-British” for working with Iran’s Press TV.

Laura Staurt wrote in deLiberation (April 1, 2012) that whining by Zionist-controlled British media proves that George Galloway’s victory is “apparently not good for the pro-Israel Jews“.

So the Zionist media and the pro-Israel blogs are spitting out endless bile and lies against George Galloway as to the reasons he might have won so descively in Bradford West, which can only mean one thing “George Galloway’s return to the House of Westminister in NOT GOOD FOR THE JEWS,” wrote Laura.

George Galloway will hopefully be a strong voice against the war on Iran which Israel wants its proxies to fight for them. Enough war and enough pointless deaths – it’s time politicians concentrate in getting Britain back on its feet,” added Laura.


One response to “Galloway: ‘I’m better Pakistani than Hussain’

  1. Galloway is a personal hero to me… and I’m delighted to see that his fortunes are rising, again. Thanks for reporting this. ^..^

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