Comparison of Gaza and French school attack irks Israel

Baroness Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief got into trouble with leaders of the Zionist regime for comparing the shooting death of four French Jews by a serial killer at Toulouse with Jewish army’s killing of over 1200 civilians in Gaza during ‘Operation Cast Lead‘ in December 2008.

When we remember what happened at Toulouse today, when we remember what happened when I was in Norway, last week a year ago. When we know what’s happening in Syria, when we see what’s happened in Gaza and Sderot, in different parts of the world, we remember youn people and children who lose their lives,” she said. Watch video below.

Almost every senior Zionist leader in Israel including the Opposition leader Tzipi Livni, wanted for war crimes in several countries, expressed outrage at the comparison of four dead French Jews with 1200 dead Muslims and Christian in Gaza.

Israeli prime minister, Benji Netanyahu, equated school shooting with Hamas rockets sent to Israel.

Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman blasted Ashton for equating French Jewish dead with Israeli war victims in Gaza, as  “inappropriate”.

A similar shooting crime was carried out in the  Toulouse region a week ago which did not make news in the Zionist-controlled mainstream media. In that incident, three French paratroopers died and another one left injured. Why? Because French media reported that those paratroopers were Muslims of North African and Carribean ancestry.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father) accompanied by Richard Prasquier, the president of CIRF, the umbrella group representing French Jewish organizations – rushed to the Jewish school. “It’s a day of national trgedy. the barbary, the savagery, the cruelty cannot win. The nation is much stronger,” said Sarkozy. However, during Israeli attack on Gaza, Sarkozy had supported Israel’s killing of innocent Gazans.

The bodies of the four French Jews who died in the school shooting were sent to Israel for burial.

Scared to death, Baroness Ashton told a EU parliamentary hearing, “I drew no parallel whatsoever between this tragedy and events elsewhere in the Middle East“.

French interior minister, Claude Guéant, has said that police is still looking for the shooter.

On Wednesday, Indonesian embassy in Paris was also targeted by a bomber. “We are obviously concerned by the explosion which occured earlier this morning at our embassy in Paris,” said Marty Natalegawa, foreign minister of Indonesia with world’s largest Muslim population (212 million). Looks like Israeli Mossad is on a race around the world these days!

France is home to Europe’s largest Jewish population (500,000). All three major French political parties, the far-right UMP, the Socialists and the White Supremacit Front National bends backward to win the Jewish votes among country’s 65 million citizens. Two of the three presidential hopeful, Sarkozy and Francois Hollande are Jewish while Marine Le Pen has turned her political wagon toward Israel, too.


2 responses to “Comparison of Gaza and French school attack irks Israel

    • The blog’s name ‘Global Spin’ says all – especially if it belongs to a Zionist Jewish family owned the TIME magazine!

      According to France’s Le Monde newspaper the suspected shooter, Mohamed Merah, had visited Israel in the past. His passport has several Israel enteries. One wonders either Mohamed Merah was a Mossad pasty or he was preaching Islam to the anti-Christs Jews. Personally, I go for the first ‘conspiracy theory’.

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