German Presidency and the Israeli factor

Though, German Presidency is ‘ceremonial’ – German Presidents are expected to have moral power – like the Israeli Presidents (just joking!). On February 15, German President Christian Wulff, 51, was forced to resign for being accused of corruption before becoming head of state in 2010 as Israel-Firster Chancellor Angela Markel’s choice. Wulff is accused of receiving financial and other (?) favors from his supporters while he was Governor of lower Saxony state. Chancellor Angela Markel was quick to appoint Joachim Gauck, 72, as interim President till new election in March. The selection of the new President will be made by 1,240 public figures including all MPs.

If one study ‘morality’ of the great majority of the western political leaders from some objective source, he will find that Wulff did not commit moral wrong-doing.

On Monday, German Opposition Die Linke (Left Party) nominated Beate Klarsfeld, 73, as its candidate for the Presidency. Beate Klarsfeld’s qualification is that she is a Jewish Nazi witch hunter who became famous for tracking down Nazi official Klaus Barbie in Bolivia where he was working for German intelligence BND and CIA with the help of Israeli Mossad. In 1983, Klaus was arrested and extradited to France where he died of leukemia in 1991 in a French jail serving a life sentence. She believes that denial of “The Six Million Died”, and criticism of Zionism or Israel is ‘anti-Semitism’.

Former Jewish French foreign minister, Dr. Bernard Kouchner, while called Klaus Barbie mass-killer – went to Romania in his private jet in 2010 to plead for mercy for his fellow Zionist Jew, Roman Polanski, serving jail for sexually molesting a child. Earlier in 1996 Kouchner had slammed his friend, pastor Abbe Pierre, for endorsing French philosopher Roger Garaudy’s controversial book, ‘The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics‘. The author who later converted to Islam, was fined $40,000. France’s Chief Rabbi, Joseph Sitruk, was also irked by the book and said the Holocaust was a proven fact and not open to debate.

The Left Party is known for its pro-Israel, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration campaigns. Last year, Left Party banned its MPs and employees from joining German flotilla to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. The party also called for end to boycott of Israel and criticized groups and countries calling for “Israel to be wiped off map”.

Even though, Beate Klarsfeld, who was convicted in 1969 for slapping then Chancellor Kurt Goerg Keisinger, has no chance to beat veteran anti-communist Joachim Gauck who is supported by Markel’s ruling party and two other opposition parties in the Bundestag (parliament) – the pro-Israel Jewish propagandists have started a smear campaign against pastor Joachim Gauck.

Joachim Gauck has been blamed for his anti-Semitic views in the past. The allegations include Gauck’s backing of both ‘The Black Book of Communism‘ and the ‘Prague Declaration’ – and believing that Holocaust is being exploited by certain Jewish groups and Israel.

Gauck has spoken out against what he calls an over valuing – “Überhöhung” of the Holocaust – aggressively insisting that the worst genocide in human history has to be judged alongside the crimes of various communist regimes. Gauck argues that modernity has lost its religious, read: Christian foundation. Therefore non-believers, he says, acquire a “psychological benefit” from the Holocaust, because it provides something absolute and quasi-religious. This antisemitic trope – the Shoah as religion – is a favourite right wing tactic and features heavily in the writings of anti-Zionist activists like editor of The Black Book of Communism, the former Maoist Stéphane Courtois, who asserts that Israel benefits from the claim that the Holocaust was un unprecedented crime,” says Chris Hale, a German TV producer and a Zionist writer.

Germany is home to Western Europe’s second largest Muslim population (4 million) after France (6-8 million).


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