Bibi: ‘Israel to wipe Lebanon off the map’

Zionist entity’s prime minister, spook-terrorist Benji Netanyahu while talking to reporters in Switzerland on Wednesday, said that the coming Israeli attack against Lebanon will be supported by United States and its Arab allies. Benji stressed that once the Jewish army has done its job, “there would be no Lebanon in the new world map”.

Lebanese Christian President Michel Suleiman in response to Bibi’s rant reminded the Zionist Bully how the Jewish army met its first major defeat in the 2006 military action it launched against Lebanon despite Jewish army’s military upper hand and the intelligence support it received from the US.

Lebanon, despite not enjoying the military and financial support similar to that Zionist entity receives, is the only country that defeated Israel militarily. which the Zionist entity is still suffering from the consequences to this day,” said Suleiman.

Lebanon, with its diverse composition and pluralistic system is complete opposite of Israel’s racist system, it is a (Israel) system which might not have a place among the world’s governments, which because of globalization, are heading toward pluralism and diversity,” Suleiman added.

After Hizbullah’s victory against the Jewish army in Summer 2006, former pro-USrael Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri and Army chief Gen. Michael Suleiman had called Islamic Resistance Hizbullah “the Defender of Lebanon”.

Lebanese Army Chief Gen. Jean Kahwagi has urged Lebanese troops along Lebanon-Israel border to “remain on high alert to confront the historic enemy of this nation, the Jewish army, which continue to violate Lebanese sovereignty daily, and has not given up once on their expansionist ambitions toward our waters and land“.

In 2010, Israeli Gen. Giora Eiland had admitted that Israel doesn’t know how to defeat Hizbullah. However, the coward Jewish Gen. Eiland was very optimistic that in case of its coming third war with Hizbullah – Israel’s friends at the UN Security Council will call for a cease-fire after two days to save Israel from further military humilation. “This would have the entire world crying out for a cease-fire within two days”, which would be more in the Israeli interest “than having to deal directly with every one of Hezbollah’s estimated 40,000 rockets”.

Earlier former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert had called Hizbullah “Lebanon’s real army“.

And finally – In the West Wing TV serial, Charlie presents the President with a map of the Holy Land that he found at a flea market. The map does not show the state of Israel as it was drawn in 1709. The US President wants to frame the map and hang it outside the Oval Office. However, his senior White House staff convince him otherwise and save him from meeting JFK’s fate at the hands of Israeli Mossad. Watch the clip below.


4 responses to “Bibi: ‘Israel to wipe Lebanon off the map’

  1. ah darn, the video doesn’t work!

  2. really something has to be done about these thugs. it’s beyond the pale.

  3. I cant believe it, the media is owned and operated by the Zionist Jews, for the Zionists and no one else. GOD DAMN

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