Lobby: ‘Why Oliver Stone’s son converted to Islam?’

Hollywood director and filmmaker, Sean Stone 27, son of Oscar-winning director, Oliver Stone, has irked Israel Lobby by converting to Islam on February 14, 2012 in Ispahan, Iran. He chose ALI as his first name. Some Israel Hasbara websites have given him the title of “defender of Ahmadinejad“. His father, Oliver Stone, is Jewish but his mother is Christian. Thus, by Jewish law, Sean is not ‘Jewish’ by birth unless he had adopted Jewish religion after he turned 14.

In 2010, David Harris, executive director American Jewish Congress (AJC) had called Oliver Stone an anti-Semitic Jew for praising Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Castro. Oliver Stone also claimed that the Jews dominate the US media and Israel had messed-up US foreign policy for years.

The Islamophobes are very upset like they’re when Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, Lauren Booth hadconverted to Islam earlier in Iran and the Hollywood Irish Catholic star, Liam (William John) Neeson 52, who said last month while filming in Istanbul: “There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim“. In February 2010, Liam, who acted in the Oscar-winning Jewish-victimization movie “Schindler’s List” – visited Holocaust Memorial in Berlin along with his two sons, Michael and Danie.

In an interview with The Wrap at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2010, Sean Stone had supported Iran’s right to a nuclear program as a defense against threats from Israel. He said criticizing the Iranian government is “like someone coming to your house and saying the father shouldn’t hit the kids,” he said. “Who are we to tell them how to rule their country?

Sean Stone also said: “President Ahmadinejad did come to America to extend a hand. And there’s a lot of mistranslation, literally, I’ve seen it. Ahmadinejad will say something and it will be mistranslated. A lot of this is bullsh**, mistranslation. It’s an aggressive attitude on both parts, mostly on the American side“.


2 responses to “Lobby: ‘Why Oliver Stone’s son converted to Islam?’

  1. Hi Rehmat,

    I smell very fishy about the whole incident. May be a covert agent, set up by you know who!

  2. I think it is popular one of the popular news In 2012 around the world.

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