Ukrainian Jew has a plan for Iran and the ‘Messiah’

Ukrainian Jewish millionaire, Alexander Levin 43, came all the way from Kiev (Ukraine) to attend the Holocaust memorial service at United Nations headquarters in New York. He assembled 600 American Russian-speaking Jews to announce the establishment of the World Forum of Russian Jewry with three objectives; to organize international opposition to Iran’s nuclear ambitions – unite Jewish communities around the world to bring in the promised Jewish Messiah (Moshiach) and to make Israelis live by Moses’ Law (Torah).

We, the Russian-speaking Jews from the far-flung corners of the Earth, stand ready to unite against the nuclear program of Iran. We will not let another Holocaust engulf us,” Levin told the sheep gathered.

And how Levin proposes to solve Iran’s nuclear threat to the Zionist entity? “If 100,000 Ukrainians could get rid of Ukraine’s government in 2004, during the Orange Revolution, Levin said, it just takes some extrapolation to figure out that a few hundred thousand people in America can get rid of an uncooperative president in Washington“. However, Levin did not elaborate the White House regime change – via election or as suggested by Jewish editor Andrew Alder.

The most important goal is to bring the promise Jewish Messiah,” said Levin.

Our goal is first of all the Torah, land and people of Israel,” Levin said of the World Forum. “I want to make Israel live by the law of the Torah, but the people of Israel are not ready yet“.

Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the biblical Messiah as Christians and Muslims do. Jerry Rabow in his book, entitled ‘50 Jewish Messiahs tells the stories of 50 Jews who had claimed to be the ‘promised Messiah’ and how they effected the Jewish, Christian and Muslim worlds. The most famous among them happened to be Sabbatai Zevi (born 1626), whose followers still hold important positions in modern Turkey.

Alexander Levin holds Ukrainian, American and Israeli citizenship. He announced opening of 18 offices of his World Forum of Russian Jewry in various countries.

Jews who make 0.5% of total Ukrainian population of 46 million – boast to have three of country’s four billionaires among them – according to the Forbes magazine. They’re, Igor Kolomoysky 50, Victor Pinchuk 51, son-in-law of the former president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma and Gennady Bogolyubov 50.


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