Jewish Editor: ‘Mossad should assassinate Obama’

The publisher-editor of Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew B. Alder, in his January 13, 2012 Op-Ed, entitled What would you do? – called for assassination of US President Barack Obama by Israeli Mossad – as one of three options to stop Islamic Republic achieving nuclear capability. Andrew Alder’s three options, were; “Strike Hizbullah and Hamas, strike Iran or “order a hit” on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!”  

Three, give the go-ahead for US-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies,” wrote Adler.

The Atlantic Jewish Times is a weekly newspaper serving the Metro area’s Jewish community. Now, as a damage control strategy, the Zionist Jew has promised his well-wishers that he will publish an apology in the next issue of the paper.

In 2010, NewsMax had published a short-lived call for a military coup against Barack Obama.

To assassinate an American president with impunity requires pre-staging. For Israel to succeed would require an Evil Doer on whom the deed could plausibly be blamed. The emerging fact patterns suggest that such pre-staging is well underway. In the US as manipulated impressions become the mental building blocks to create a plausible culprit from an Islamic nation. Keep in mind that repeated reports of Iraqi WMD created a generally accepted “consensus” truth – regardless of the facts. Oft-repeated reports of the threat of Iranian WMD have steadily created the impression of a nuclear weapons capability with no basis in fact. But facts are not the point when pre-staging an Evil Doer. The point is what a targeted population can be induced to believe,” Jeff Gates warned Obama in Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama? on January 6, 2010.


3 responses to “Jewish Editor: ‘Mossad should assassinate Obama’

  1. Alder should be reported to the US Secret Service

  2. @americashouldbefirst,

    You truly did contact via telphone this morning my State Rep. my 2 US Senators, my Governor, and DHS to inquire about the story and to encourage them to publicly denouncing it. Here is the feedback:

    1-US Rep. Pat Tiberi [R]: will pass your message

    2-US Sen. Rob Portman [R] the president get threat all the time. Secret Service will pursue it. The Sen. will contact you.

    3- US Sen. Sherrad Brown [D] Unaware of the story! This is international new! Will pass your concern along and get a written statement. I am not holding my breath!

    4- Ohio Governor John Kasich [R] Get a voice mail. Left a message. This is like dancing in the dark. No one sees you and you do not enjoy it.

    5- Dep. of Homeland Security: They are aware of it! It is being investigated by the Secret Service. In response to my question, “as of today, the man has not been arrested or questioned by the FBI or DHS, why? The answer was: “things takes time!”

    Our army veteran friend, Marc Daniele who called his two US Sentators from the State of Montana and DHS get the sate treatment too.

    Just relax and the rest of you, relax Amricashouldcomefirst!
    The president has issue statement yesterday, stating, “This is yet another message to the world that the United States of America will stand strongly against any threats to our people”

    Don’t get confused here. President Obummer was not referring to the threat on his life by Adrew Adler, the owner and publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times. Her was rather speaking about last Tuesday night rescue operation by the Navy Seals of two aid workers in Somalia.

    Like it or not, when it comes to terrorism, America has two standards: one for Jews, and the other for other than Jews. I agree with rehmat. He is right.

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