Fidel Castro: ‘Iran is beacon of hope for the world nations’

During his recent visit to four Latin American countries – Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad had a three-hour long private meeting with former Cuban President Fidel Castro 85, in Havana. Later, Ahmadinejad also met Fidel Castro’s younger brother and current Cuban President Raul Castro.

During the meeting both leaders stressed the need for convergence and unity of all the revolutionary nations to alter world’s unjust standards through perseverance against the hegemony of the bullying (western) powers.

Fidel Castro praised Iran’s “outstanding position” in resisting the arrogant powers and described the Islamic Republic as the beacon of hope for the world nations.

Cuban revolutionary leader described the management of global monetary system by capitalist powers as a “fraud against other world nations” and argued that imperialism is nearing its collapse.

The world is heading toward justice-seeking doctrines and nations should join efforts to tackle global issues particular nuclear disarmament of the hegemonic powers,” Castro added.

Cuba along with Venezuela and Brazil has defended Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear technology in face of UNSC sanctions.

Tehran’s friendship with Latin American nations which are saying NO to US-Israel dominance – is based on sharing its petro-dollars wealth and technical experience. Iran is the second largest investor in Venezuela. It has set-up a joint bank with Venezuela to provide funds for drilling oil fields in Venezuela, industrial and power-generation plants and housing projects for the poor.

In Bolivia, Tehran has invested $1 billion to develop oil/gas and industrial sectors. Iranian have set up health clinics and training programs for doctors which are also in great demand in the US.

In Nicaragua, Iran is building a hydro-electric power station and a hospital at no cost to the local government. In Ecuador, Iran is funding several energy and housing projects.

Cuba and Iran have pursued bilateral relations in scientific especially in biochemistry field since after the Islamic Revolution (1979). Iran has provided hundreds of million dollars loan to Cuba to modernize its railways, universal healthcare facilities and search for oil reserves. Fidel Castro visited the Islamic Republic in May 2001. During his visit Castro had declared: “I am not disturbed. If the revolution can improve the future of the people, it does not matter whether it is based on a Marxist philosophy or a religious philosophy“.

In the past, Fidel Castro has called Iran as “a friend, a brother, and an ally” to Cuba.


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