Israel: ‘The midwife to Islamic Resistance!’

Uri Avnery (born 1923) is a former member of Jewish terrorist militia, Irgun, member Knesset, jounalist and founder of Gush Shalom, a Jewish NGO compaigning for peace on Jewish terms. Avnery was the first Israeli Jew who met PLO chairman Yasar Arafat in Beirut on July 3, 1982 during Israeli invasion of country.

On December 31, 2011 – Avnery posted a column at Gush Shalom website, entiled Shukran, Israel. In his column, Avnery claims that all Islamic movements in the Muslim East owes their existence to the Zionist regime. According to him, had it not been Israel – there would not have been Muslim Brotherhood (established 25 year before the establishment of Israel), Islamic Revolution in Iran (1979), Hizbullah or Hamas.

Israel, as a colonial power, has been practicing the golden rule of ‘divide and rule’. It helped establishment of ‘apologetic Muslim (aka ‘moderate Muslim’) organizations to keep the secular western-puppet rulers in-line. Israeli leaders always supported dictators and monarchs among neighboring Muslim nation-states as Israel’s first defense against Islamic-oriented political parties. Hamas grew out of corrupt secular PLO (Fatah); Hizbullah grew out of corrupt secular Amal and Islamic Revolution was a blow-back of King Reza Shah’s subservience to US and Israel.

Historically, Israel and Pakistan are the only two countries established on religion in the last century. Muslims established their foothold in 712 CE in the area which is called Pakistan now. Their ancestors had ruled India for over 1,000 years. On the other hand, European Jews were brought into Muslim Palestine in the 1930s to solve Europe’s centuries-old Jewish Problem. Pakistanis are still dreaming to be ruled by an Islamic party – while Jewish extremists have always been part of Israel’s government since 1948.

Surprisingly, Avnery forgot to give Israel credit for the birth-pains of professor Necmitten Erbakan’s Refah Islamist party. The current Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was a member of Refah before he joined the current ruling party AKP which was established by the ‘apologetic’ members of the Refah party. Refah and its predecessor Welfare party, were against Turkey’s close ties with the West and Israel including its NATO membership and Ankara’s efforts to join the European Union (EU). Israel provided intelligence and military support to the Crypto-Jewish controlled Turkish military in its suppression of Islam in Turkey and staging military coups against two democratically elected Islamist-dominated governments.

Uri Avnery, a secular Jew, is horrified of thought of Islamist groups taking control of Muslim countries around Israel. He also feel that the fanatic religious Jews gaining power in Israel are driving the country to its ultimate doom. He concludes his column by his secular sense of humor.

Perhaps some day a fundamentalist Israel will make peace with a fundamentalist Muslim world, under the auspices of a fundamentalist American president.”

Ironically, Avnery’s first and last bad dreams have already come true (under Ben-Obama’s administration). However, the ‘middle link’ is still missing unless he believes Islamic Iran is “the Muslim world“. Watch an interesting video below on ‘Israel’s right to exist’


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