Rep. Kucinich: ‘US must back off threatening Iran’

In June the Zionist Lobby had slammed  eight-term Congressman Dennis Kucinich for visiting Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus and praising him. Now, the Zionist dogs are once again chasing him for calling Obama administration to distant itself from the Israel-Firster neocons who dragged the US into war with Iraq in 2003 on cooked-up lies, costing “the lives of thousands of American troops and perhaps over one million Iraqis, that will have a long term cost of $5 trillion and that has further damaged America’s position in the world. Now the same people that brought us Iraq are changing “q” with “n” and advancing a whole new war based on the same type of flimsy predictate that brought us to war against Iraq“.

On Friday, Rep. Kunicik gave a history lesson to his fellow congressmen about why they should not listen to building the drumbeat of war with Iran which seems to hold most of Washington to its thrall.

Rep. Kucinich gave an interview to Kasia Anderson, Associate Editor Truthdig a few days ago, in which he discussed his reasons for calling ‘US to back off threatening Iran’.

The war with Iran will have a devastating impact on the US. There is no reason whatsoever for us to move into a war against Iran. And we should not be rattling sabers – we should not be taking steps that escalate,” Kucinich told Anderson.

We have become so enamored of war as a nation we cannot break from it. If you look at the Republican debate, it’s all about war with them – all but Ron Paul,” he added.

On western claim that Islamic Republic is developing nuclear weapons – Rep. Kucinich said that with the appointment of Yukiya Amano as director general, the IAEA has been politicized. Yukiya Amano “used politics to get his appointment, and now he is willing to do his serville best to give those who want war leverage to claim that Iran is moving toward getting a nuclear weapon. That poisons the dialogue“.

Some political and military analysts believe that an American attack on Iran will bring war closer to Russian and Chinese borders, and therefore, both world nuclear powers will consider it threat to their own national security.

“For those who think that the United States wouldn’t possibly instigate another war in the Middle East, think again. Empowered by his “success” in the bombing of Libya and consequent assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, Obama is now seeking to use the exact same strategy against Syria, while using alarming military threats against Iran. In both cases the U.S. is creating the conditions for war in a region that is already boiling over from decades of U.S. backed dictators combined with past U.S. military aggression,” wrote Shamus Cooke in Global Research, December 31, 2011.


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