NFL Jaguars Muslim owner angers Zionists

The anti-Muslim Zionist-crowd is sick to stomach to learn that the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars team is a Pakistani-born Muslim American businessman. His name is Shahid Khan, born in Lahore, Pakistan. He has become the first Muslim to own a National Footbal League team. So far, the NFL team ownership was considered to be a Judeo-Christian billionaires’ monopoly.

The NFL owners approved the $760 million deal on December 14, 2011 – transferring ownership from Wayne Weaver to Shahid Khan. However, due to the current Muslim-bashing – the Jacksonville Jaguars press release talking up the sale did not mention the fact that Khan was a Muslim.

The first announcement under the new ownership was that the long-time head coach Jack Del Rio was fired and the assistant coach Mel Tucker, an Afro-American, was promoted to be the new head coach. The loss of NFL team White owner and head coach on the same day – was too much for the anti-Muslim Zionist bigots to digest.

Israeli anti-Muslim Hasbara outlet, ACT for America, run by Maronite Christian Brigette Gabriel – had blamed the city council for caving to Islamists’ demands even before the deal was sealed. Last year, it was Brigette Gabriel’s campaign which forced the city council to reject Professor Parvez Ahmad’s (University of North Florida) nomination for the Human Rights Commission. Ding. Ding. Ding. a Muslim with ties to Hamas and Hizbullah.

The Israel-Firster, radio-talk host Rush Limbaugh fired the shot: “I wonder if Khan has any friends who are terrorist“. Mind you, Rush is a very moral Christian – he has several sexual partners and is married four times to women much younger than him. Rush is also known for his racism against Blacks. In fact when Rush tried to buy in the Rams – many Black players threatened to quit the team even if Rush is a part owner.

JaxFan provided a nice response to all the anti-Muslim jerks by saying: “The level of religious ignorance and intolerance represented in some of the city’s supposed leaders will make it absolutely hilarious to see those same anti-gay, anti-Muslim religious righties having to kiss the butt of a Muslim (Shahid Khan) who now holds the keys to the Jaguars and their possible relocation“. The Jaguars brings more than $200 million into the city each year.

Shahid Khan 61, was born in Lahore (Pakistan). The 16-year-old Khan came to United States to study engineering at the University of Illinois. He received BSc degree in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering. In 1980, Khan purchased Flex-N-Gate Corporation, one of country’s major manufacturers of bumper systems for pick-up trucks and sport utility vehicles built in North America. The company employees more than 9,500 people and last year had a revenue of close to $3 billion. Shahid Khan is married to his university sweetheart, Ann Carlson, a Christian. Khans have built ‘Khan annex’ at University of Illinois at the cost of $10 million to promote health and education. 


2 responses to “NFL Jaguars Muslim owner angers Zionists

  1. Impressive, very impressive indeed, both your article and khan’s move to buy Jaguars.

  2. I guess Fulham are in good hands

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