Egyptian ‘Hitler’ remark angers US

Yesterday, Hannah Rosenthal, Barack Obama’s global anti-Semitism Watchdog, condemned Egyptian Gen. Abdel Moeim Kato for saying that some of the protesters fighting troops in Cairo were  “delinquents who deserve to be thrown into Hitler’s ovens“.

Retired general Abdelmoneim Kato’s “anti-Semitic comments are outrageous, offensive and clearly unacceptable,” Hannah Rosenthal, who is a Zionist Jew, wrote on Twitter.

I tend to agree with Ms Rosenthal. How can the general equate Egyptian Muslim and Christian protesters with the European Jews who were burned in Nazi ovens even though Zionists have failed to prove the allegation? Furthermore, most of the anti-government protesters voted for the anti-Israel Islamist parties in the recent parliamentary elections.

Gen. Kato, who advises Egyptian military, faced criticism from human rights groups and dissidents after making that remarks in an interview with Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk on Monday.

For the last five days, troops are fighting the protesters in Cairo who are calling for the resignation of pro-US military junta, lifting of emergency and establishment of a civilian government and independent judiciary.

Fearing the victory of Islamist parties who will review country’s relations with Israel and Iran – Washington is helping the military junta to maintain its grip over the country. The US-Israeli leaders believe that only the brutal regional dictators and kings can assure the survival of Israel in the Muslim East.

For the first time in its 63-year existence, the Zionist regime finds itself confused and vulnerable – being unable to bully and dictate its neighbors. For the last six decade it was protected by friendly regimes in Ankara, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Tunis and Sana’a. However, after the fall those friendly regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Turkey’s pro-Palestinian foreign policy – Washington is playing a covert game to resurrect the Humpty-Dumpty pro-Israel regimes in those countries.


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