Susan Sarandon: ‘Benedict XVI is Nazi’

The Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has upset both Catholic communities and Jewish Lobby by calling Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi.
She made the remark during an interview with fellow actor Bob Balaban at the Hamptons International Film Festival. While discussing her 1995 Oscar-winning film ‘Dead Man Walking’, based on anti-death penality book by Sister Helen Prejean, she mentioned that she had sent a copy of the book to the Pope.
“The last one (John Paul II),” she clarified. “Not this Nazi one we have now,” meaning Pope Benedict XVI. Susan then repeated the remark. She was referring to young Josep Ratzinger being affiliated with Nazi Youth movement.
One can understand Vatican’s reaction to Saradon’s allegation but what surprised me – was the condemnation of Sarandon by no other than Israel-Firster, Abraham Foxman, the national director of Anti-Defamation League (ADL), who said: “Sarandon may have her differences with the Catholic Church, but that’s no excuse for throwing around Nazi analogies”.
Abe Foxman in his book ‘Never Again’ has claimed that Christian Bible (NT) teaches hatred toward Jews and it played a major part in the persecution of Jews under Nazi regime. However, Abe Foxman, has become a great admirer of Benedict XVI since the Pope exonerated Jews of killing his Lord Christ.
Cardinal Josep Ratzinger of Germany (born 1927) was called ‘Nazi Pope’ by many Jewish bloggers before he was elevated to the position of Pope Benedict VI.
“Even more than his predecessor, who traveled the world and sought conciliation with other confessions, including the Jewish and Islamic, Benedict XVI emphasizes the necessity of a strong, Christian Europe,” wrote Peter Schwarz in WSWS, April 21, 2005.
In 2006, when Benedict XVI made anti-Islam statement at the University of
Regensburg, almost every Zionist ‘intellectual’ praised the Pope for his anti-Islam slur. Abe Foxman called some Muslims’ allegations that the Pope made that slur to please the Zionist Jews – as a conspiracy theory. Abe Foxman’s lie was exposed by no other than an American Catholic women-rights activists, Joanna Francis, who wrote on September 19, 2006 – Benedict XVI: Zionist Double Agent, saying: “It’s really not difficult to understand why Benedict XVI is encouraging emnity between the Catholics and the Muslims. All you have to ask is: cui bono? (who benefits?). The Zionists, of course. The Catholic Church was always their biggest enemy. So naturally the Jews were going to do anything and everything to get it under their control. It took almost 2,000 years, but it finally happened in 1958. The Jews pulled off a coup d’eglise with the election of Freemason Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII) to the Papacy. Immediately upon his election, the media began calling Roncalli ”Good Pope John.” Be careful when the Jewish controlled media praises someone, especially a Catholic, that means that person is working for them. Contrast the media’s love affair with the post-1958 popes with their hatred of all pre-1958 popes, up to and including Pius XII (who died in 1958). They accuse Pope Pius XII of having been a Nazi, which really means that Pius XII actually thought he was the Pope of the Catholic people and did not realize that he was supposed to be working for the Jews! I have figured out that whoever the Jews hate, you can bet your bottom dollar, that person knows the truth about the Jewish agenda. The converse is also true: whoever the Jews love, that person is a traitor to the Christian people and is really a Zionist tool.”
Susan Sarandon was born in a Catholic family. However, outside her acting career, she has been as much pro-Israel  as Dr. Alan Dershowitz. On December 17, 2007 – the Jewish Voice for Peace wrote a letter to Sarandon to severe all her links to millionaire Zionist Jew, Lev Leviev, who funds illegal Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine. However Sarandon did not even bother to reply to the letter. However, Susan have done a few anti-Semitic things to infuriate the Zionist Lobby. For example, Susan was against the Iraq War and now she supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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