Is Israel ready for a suicidal war against Iran?

Each election year – Israel finds American political system more vulnerable. With record numbers of US lawmakers and Obama administration officials in its pocket than ever – the hawks in Israeli government don’t need to fear a ‘duck’ President Obama. Even after US Secretary Defence, Leon Panetta’s warning to Israeli leaders not to rush into a suicidal war with Islamic Republic during his recent visit to Tel Aviv – there are growing signs that Jewish Lobby is preparing ground for Obama to have no other choice but join Israeli war against Iran.

Last month, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, in an interview told Asia Times that Iran was prepared to undertake the necessary efforts to restore mutual confidence between P5+Germany. Tehran also offered to stop its enrichment process if some reliable western country is willing to provide nuclear fuel needed to operate Tehran Research Reactor (TRR) which makes cancer isotopes for 850,000 Iranian patients.

The Iranian concession has scared the hell out of Israeli leaders who fear the P5+1 may reach a compromise with Iran which would allow it to continue enriching uranium for civilian purposes. This might then lead in due course to the world agreeing to co-exist with a nuclear Iran. If that were to happen, Israel’s monopoly of nuclear weapons — a key asset in maintaining its regional military supremacy – would be lost.

Israel and its cheerleaders, from Crypto-Jewish Nicolas Sarkozy to Hillary Clinton with the help of Zionist-controlled mainstream media is running a psyche war against Islamic Republic in order to scare Tehran signing on American ZOG’s demand to roll-back its nuclear program. However, it’s obvious this trick is not working because experience tells Iranian leadership that the ZOG’s demand would not stop there. In fact it will be followed by demands that Tehran stop supporting Hizbullah and Hamas and sign a peace treaty with the Zionist regime.

The Zionist mafia is so paranoid that it comes up a new lie against Islamic Republic each day. A few days ago it was Iranian plot to kill Saudi ambassador and bomb Israeli embassy in Argentina – and now, Iran might sabotage prisoners exchange between Hamas and Israel, resulting in a prolonged captivity of a single dumb Israeli soldier.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei commenting on American allegations – called them Washington’s desperate moves to overshadow the Occupy Wall Street  protests that are growing into a global movement against Capitalism.


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