‘Locked-up’ in US Vs Iran

Louis Klarevas PhD is an American columnist and author stationed in Greece. He had been a member of the Ziocon Washington-based think tank, US Institute of Peace’. His articles are published by major anti-Iran magazines and newspapers. In his latest article, entitled Locked Up Abroad, published by Foreign Policy magazine (October 4, 2011), he has admitted that the US is a major violator of foreigners’ rights to defend themselves when arrested in the US. However, Klarevas had the nerves to criticize Iran for arresting and prosecuting the three US Jewish hikers.

On July 31, 2009 – Shane Bauer 28 (Sarah’s boyfriend), Josh Fattal 28 and Sarah Shourd 31 were arrested by Iranian anti-espionage agency for illegally entering Iran. Sarah Shourd was released and allowed to return to US on medical reason. The other two were recently released  on $1.5 million bail deposited by Sheikh of Oman on behalf of US taxpayers.

The Washington Post was embarrassed to quote Shane Bauer saying: “Sarah, Josh, and I oppose US policies towards Iran which perpetuate this hostility“.

The gist of Louis Klarevas’ rant is that though US security agencies holds world record of arresting 53,000 foreigners by New York City Police alone in 1997 – as compared to 6,000 US citizens arrested each year around the world – (Jewish) tourists like Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal, Sarah Shourd (in Iran) and Alan Gross (in Cuba) were denied their international rights to defend themselves.

Some of the other stats Louis Klarevas has listed in support of his point of views include 60 Iranians in American jails for years who have been deprived of their rights to consular representation. Most of them have not been allowed visitation from their relatives. Iranian authorities allowed mothers of all three Jewish spies to visit them in jail last year. One of US-Iran citizen Shahrzad Mir Gholikhan is jailed for attempting to export night-vision goggles to Iran.

Louis Klarevas cites Mexico dragging the US to International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2003 for holding 51 of Mexican citizen in jail without trail. Many of these suspects are still in US jails while two of them, José Ernesto Medellín and Humberto Leal, were executed against ICJ ruling.

The Washington-based Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) says that since 1976 – 27 foreign nationals from 15 countries have been put to death in United States without full and proper compliance with international laws. Furthermore, there are at least 135 foreigners of 34 foreign nationalities on death row in the US at present.

Klarevas ignored the remaing 242 Muslim detainees at the dreaded Guantanamo Bay  or Pakistan mother of three, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui sentenced to 85 year by a Jew judge.

“The United States’ disregard for its Vienna Convention obligations is vast in scope, which has lead to a slew of diplomatic complaints – and concerns of retaliation – from even its closest allies. In the last 15 years, strong protests and diplomatic démarches have been issued by Britain, Canada, the European Union, Germany, Mexico, and Paraguay,” wrote Klarevas.

In 2007, Ahmadinejad released 15 British Marine and sailors who were arrested for illegally entering Iranian territorial waters. Israel-born British Jew writer and jazz musician, Gilad Atzmon, wrote: “The battle between Ahmadinejad and Blair is not a political or diplomatic one, it is not about points. It is actually a clash between civilizations, a fight between humanism and cold pragmatism. As it emerges, in this battle, it is Ahmadinejad rather than Blair who reminds us where goodness rests.  Seemingly, a man who has been repeatedly presented by our deluded Western media as a ‘radical’, ‘fundamentalist’ and  ‘Islamofascist’ has proved beyond doubt that it is actually him who knows what forgiveness and grace are all about, It was Ahmadinejad who has pardoned the enemy, it was Ahmadinejad that evoked some prospects of  a peaceful future”.

Sadly, it’s naive to expect justice or compassion from western colonial powers, who only believe in Talmudic ‘Vengeance’.


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