Spain: ‘Jewish history without Muslims’

According to Israel daily YNet, the city of Maimonides (Cordoba, Spain) will have Jewish Yom Kippur services this week for the first time since Jews were expelled from Spain by the invading Christian Crusaders in 1492. The services will be conducted in the new Synagogue in the Casa de Espana center, located 100 ft. away from the ancient Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.

“The center is in fact a Jewish heritage museum, which has been hosting groups of students from Israel and world for educational activities about the Golden Era,” wrote Yoav Glasner on October 6, 2011.

As a Zionazi Jew, Yoav Glasner, avoided to tell his readers why he called it “Golden Era” when Jews were nothing but Serfs (slaves) in Spain until the early 8th century and who was the Jew after whom the city of Maimonides was named.

It was the Arab-hating Jewish Orientalist Dr. Bernard Lewis who coined the pharase “Jewish Golden Age” under Muslim rule in Spain (701 to 1492 CE).

Jacob Bender, an American Jewish film-maker tells the story of Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon. Watch video below.

Rabbi Moses Maimonides was born in 1138 CE. His name in his mother tongue of Arabic was Musa ibn Maymun al-Qurtubi, and he is universally considered the most important Jewish thinker in the last 2,000 years. Please note the similarities between Ibn Rushd and Rabbi Musa: both were born in Cordoba in Al-Andalus; both became “philosopher/theologians” and the foremost interpreters of Aristotle within Islam and Judaism, with both attempting to harmonize the truths of reason with the revelations of the Holy Qur’an and the Torah; both became jurists and authorities in religious law (the Sharia in Islam, the Halakhah in Judaism) that is still central to Muslim and Jewish observance; both lived part of their lives in Fez in Morocco; and both became court physicians to their local rulers, Ibn Rushd to the Caliph of Cordoba, Rabbi Musa to the great Salah-ah-Din in Egypt.

Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon who died in Egypt was buried in Tiberias according to his wish. In 2005, the city elders named one of city’s square ‘Cordoba Square’ and placed a large statue of the Rabbi.

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, 170,000 Jews were killed or forced to convert to Catholicism under the Spanish Inquisition. American journalist and author Rose Wilder Lane wrote in ‘Islam and the Discovery of Freedom‘ that between 3-5 million of Spanish Muslims were either killed, expelled or converted to Catholicism during the same period.

“For almost eight hundred years (under Muslim rule), human energy in Spain had produced such an abundance of food, comforts and luxuries as the world had never before imagined. After Granada fell, human energy continued to operate in Spain and through Spain upon the New World and Europe, for two more generations. The third generation no longer knew that men are free, and energy weakened in Spain. The fifth generation could not get support the government, and their children died of starvation. Spain had practically ceased to exist,” Wrote Ms Lane.


One response to “Spain: ‘Jewish history without Muslims’

  1. Bro’
    During one of the Crusades some SEVENTY thousand MUSLIMS & JEWS (Mostly non-combatants!) were massacred in Jerusalem!!! Re the above report; I never heard/saw in the Al-Qur’an that recorded the “Israelites” (the Jew) as GRATEFUL group of people!!!

    We Muslims and the UPRIGHT Jews share various commonalities: we do NOT eat SWINE/PIGS; we do circumcisions; we both do not WORSHIP ‘bread eater” “J” (remember the “Last Supper”?), etc.

    In addition, there is (I read some years ago in the Net) a verse/ayah in the OT that almost exactly the same with the one of the FIRST ayah in the Al-Baqarah 255’ only do to the different dialect between Hebrew and Arabian they sound quite differently. I could not help almost sobbing when I read it!

    One thing for sure; both said ayat/verses in their Torah and our Al-Qur’an have the EXACT same meaning that “others” LACKING!!!

    So, how can these modern-day Jews (in the above report) did that???

    They MUST visit or dot com (Heading; an invitation to Jews)

    Salaam Joe Jussac, Jr. at

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