German Holocaust Fund irks Jewish groups

Zionist Jews are notorious for their loyalty toward their beneficiaries. For example, even after receiving over $3 trillion USAID and other benefits – they’re known for committing terrorism, espionage and dragging US into unnecessary wars with countries which pose no threat to the security of United States.

Germany has paid over $93 billion to Zionist groups as Holocaust compensation. In addition, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder established a Federal Agency, Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) in 2000 with a fund of 10 billion Deutsche Mark. The Agency’s main job is to make financial compensation to Holocaust survivors, fight hatred against Jews and teach Zionists’ interpretation of the Holocaust to the new generations.

As part of fighting Jewish hatred, the EVZ recently funded a student exchange program between Masar School in Nazareth and the Gerhart Hauptmann School in Wernigerode (Germany). Some Jewish organizations have interpreted this program as parallel between the way the Zionist regime treats the Arab-Israeli youth (school discrimination, violence, religious hatred, working conditions, etc.) and the behavior of the Nazi regime in its early stages. Students noted their observations in a controversial 31-page pamphlet depicting Orthodox Jewish students wearing skull-caps while seated in a well-kept classroom with a sign saying ‘Jewish School’. The adjacent drawing shows an overcrowded classrom with broken furniture and overhead sign saying ‘ Palestinian School’.

Another sketch shows an Arab Israeli Jew asking a Palestinian if he wants to be his friend. An Israeli tank is shown behind the two – suggesting that Jewish ‘friendship’ is being forced upon Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

The European Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal Center has claimed that the pamphlet is meant to deligitimize Israel, paves the way for a new anti-Semitism and violates the statutes of the Foundation.

The HEAR Project pamphlet features articles in German, English and Arabic. Dr. Martin Salm, the Chairman of the Holocaust Foundation, said that 500 copies of the pamphlet were prepared at the cost of 2,130 euros.


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