US Report: ‘Iran executes gays and lesbians’

Rev. Ted Pike wrote in July 2010 that when it comes to gay and lesbian rights, Jews have always in the front rows. It’s not that they’re commanded by the Old Testament to do that, but because “they are driven by militant Judaism to breakdown Christian civilization so total Jewish control can be achieved“.

I am sure Ted Pike would also know that after destablization of Christian societies – now the same Jewish-controlled groups are targetting Muslim societies by generating lies about treatment of gay and lesbian communities in some of Muslim-majority countries.

The Washington-based Human Rights First in its recent report has claimed that in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania and the Republic of Sudan – gays and lesbians are being put to death. The report also cautioned that soon the US-Israel created newest African state South Sudan and Uganda may join those five anti-gay nations. The report claims that death penalty has been carried out against the same sex offenders in Nigeria and Somalia.

The Human Rights First is led by Chairman William Zabel and vice-Chairs Tom Bernstein,  Kenneth Feinberg and Gail Furman – all Zionist Jews. Under the facade of human rights and crusade against the rising anti-Semitism in the European countries – The group, lately, has been issuing reports in support of Israeli propaganda lies. For example, its President and CEO, Elisa Massimino told the Senate committiee on combating anti-Semitism that currently most people hide their hatred toward Jews behind their criticism of Israel.

The Human Rights First, in its earlier reports have blamed China for fueling violance in Libya by arming Qaddafi. Apparently, the idiots believe that only western vultures have the God-given rights to exploit Muslims’ natural resources. It also blamed Moscow for arming Syrian regime to fight against US-Israel-Saudi insurgents.

With the exception of Israeli project ‘MEMRI’, whose translations of Arabic and Persian news have become Holy Bible for the western press – there is no death penalty for the same sex fun which is considered as an act of adultery by some Sunni and Shia religious scholars based on the testimony of four credible witnesses.

Iran’s death penalty against Iranian woman Sakineh for committing adultery – was a brainchild of French Zionist Jew bigot Bernard-Henri Levy. His lies were backed-up by the French President Sarkozy and his half-naked-model wife. Sakineh was in fact condemned to death for being an accessory to commit murder of her husband with the help of her boyfriend. Something quite kosher in Israel if the husband happens to be an Arab Muslim.

Israelis who boast Tel Aviv as the Pink City – Orthodox Jews are known for harassing gays and lesbians. Israel Occupation Force (IOF) which has largest numbers of gays and lesbian – a recent survey conducted among the gay and lesbian soldiers showed that 40% of them were verbally abused due to their sexual orientation and 20% claimed to have been physically or sexually assaulted.

Governor Rick Perry, Jewish Lobby’s top Republican choice for 2012 Presidential election has presided over 234 executions. In 1961, the Zionist regime executed Adolf Eichmann, a Zionist German and great friend of World Zionist Congress.

Both Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor Tikkun Magazine and Canadian Jewish gay blogger Simon Jones support equal rights for gays and lesbians with some differences. The Rabbi believes that since gays were also persecuted by Nazis along with Jews – both share the same values. Simon Jones, on the other hand, blames Torah for the plight of Jews.

“Think of Jews and gays as a spice in the society, giving it flavor, variety, acting as catalysts in the arts and in social relations. Jews love to attack critics by labelling them ‘anti-Semites’, a late 19th century construct which is completely inaccurate, as most Jews are Caucasian Ashkenazi, while Arabs and the relatively few Sephardic Jews are the real Semites”.

“Jews will insist that they are not racists, that it’s the goys that are racists, and then, without battling an eye, talk about their DNA and defend unconditionally the only balatantly racist state – Israel, unique among the sovereign states (except for Nazi Germany). Judaism is a veritable ‘shell game’; a religion, no – an identity, oops – a culture, wrong again – tradition. It’s a slippery fish – whatever fits the bill at the moment,” wrote Simon Jones.

Islamic Republic has death penalty for treason against the country, pre-planned murder, drug-trafficking and armed robbery.


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