Bibi: ‘Why Egyptian hate Israel?’

Jews do not have a common origin, that their Semitic origins are a myth. Jews have no origin in Palestine whatsoever, and therefore their act of so-called ‘return’ must be realised as pretext for a tribal expansionist invasion,” Gilad Atzmon in his new book ‘The Wandering Who?‘,

On Friday hundreds of Egyptian protesters attacked Israeli embassy in Cairo. The protesters tore down part of the 9-ft. high cement security wall built by the military junta around the embassy since the first attack on the embassy last month. They removed Israeli flag on top of the 15-storey building and replaced it with Egyptian flag for the second time in two weeks. The protesters also clashed with police in streets which resulted in the death of three civilian and over 1000 injured.

The Israeli ambassador, Yitzhak Levanon, his family and most of the staff and their dependents some 80 people were evacuated out of the country by military aircraft overnight, the official added. Only the deputy ambassador remains in Egypt.

Obama talked to Benji Netanyahu on Friday to discuss situation at Israeli embassy in Cairo. Benji has asked Obama’s help in securing the embassy building which has been evacuated. Both agreed to stay in touch until the Cairo-Tel Aviv tension is resolved.

As expected, the Jewish controlled mainstream media outlets, blamed delayed reforms, unemployment and search for scapegoat which have turned Egyptians against Israel. None of them even bothered to mention Jewish soldiers killing of five Egyptian policemen at Israel-Sinai border last month and Benji Netanyahu’s refusal to apologize for the crime – which triggered the current riots.

The 1979 Camp David Accords (aka peace treaty) between Cairo and Tel Aviv was a secret deal cut between US Presiden Jimmy Carter, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, a former leader of Jewish millitant terrorist group Irgun – and Egyptian President Anwar Sadaat (murdered in 1981) in return for annual US bribe of $1.3 billion to Egyptian military rulers. The pact was never accepted by the vast majority of Egyptian people in the first place.

Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahy, leader of Al-Karama Party, has called for the ruling junta to take a “serious stance matching the public anger” towards Israel. However, the ruling military council lead by US-Israel favorites, Omar Suleiman, Hosni Mubarak’s Intelligence Chief and Mohamad Hussain Tantawi – under the US, EU and Israeli pressure has announced to prosecute the protesters in military courts. According to US State Department cabbles released by Wikileaks in February 2011,  Suleiman had directed Egyptian policies on Israel-Palestine which are inline with Israeli agenda; weakening Hamas, continuing blockade of Gaza and halting Tehran’s influence in the region.

Benji Netanyahu says that despite Egyptian provocations, Israel will abide by the peace-treaty with Cairo. Why? Because every Zionist politician knows that a friendly Egypt is far more important for the security of the Zionist entity than Turkey. Egypt not only has joint border with Israel but also is the most armed and populated (81 million) Arab country. Cairo has protected Israel by enforcing embargo on Palestinian receiving foreign military aid for the last three decades.

It looks the so-called anti-Israel protests at Israeli embassy in Cairo are part of the US-Israel-Egypt plan to to sabotage Egyptians’ desire to free themselves from Zionist-grip by creating lawlessness in the country in order to give military junta an excuse to extend emergency law and cancel the coming elections. Israeli leaders are on record saying that they prefer kings and dictators in Arab world than democratic rulers who always have turned out to be anti-Israel.


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