Sept. 11 – How it benefits thee?

This post has nothing to do with the official lies and the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ which have been planted inside people’s minds for the last ten years. For example, anti-Semitic journalists like Wayne Madsen, who believe that Sept. 11 terrorism had links to Russian-Jewish mafia  and Jeff Rense who believes:

American Jews staged the 9/11 terrorist attacks for their own financial gain and to induce the American people to endorse wars of aggression and genocide on the nations of the Middle East and the theft of their resources for the benefit of Israel.”

Actually, this post is how since Sept. 11, 2001 – the 2% of America’s Jewish community is being showered with US taxpayers’ hard-earned money by the successive US governments. Take for example, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ‘Non-Profit Security Program’. Since 2007 – DHS chairpersons Zionist Jew Judge Michael Chertoff and lesbian Israel-Firster Janet Napolitano have awarded 73.7% of $118 million to Jewish communities for the security of their homes, schools, community centers and Synagogues.

Last month, DHS announced its grants for 2011, and here, too, the Jewish groups were the big winners, with 81% of those awards.

“The disproportionate distribution is no accident. Examining the grants program provides a window into Jewish organizational and political power. It’s this power which allowed a small community to create and maintain a government program tailored specifically for its needs and catering almost exclusively to its members,” wrote Nathan Guttman in Jewish daily Forward (September 9, 2011).

Muslim communities which make America’s largest religious minority (9-11 million) have received only a handful of DHS grants. “We have real need of these grants (as result of chronic Islamophobia created by Zionist groups). I just think Jewish community is more plugged in than us and that’s why we see this disparity,” says Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director of ‘Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)’.


One response to “Sept. 11 – How it benefits thee?

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