Mossad pays a visit to New Delhi HC

Today, Mossad celebrated Israel’s tourist minister Stas Misezhnikov’s first visit to India by bombing High Court building in New Delhi. The bomb killed 12 and injured 60.

Stas told his hosts that both India and Israel are living in ‘dangerous’ neighborhood. “We have a quite difficult (Muslim) neighbourhood and you have the same difficulty with your (Muslim) neighbourhood. This makes a strong bond with our country and so there is a deeper understanding of feelings during such times. It is a difficulty job for the ministry of tourism to explain to the tourists that it is safe to travel to a country after it has suffered from such a terrible terrorist attack,” said Misezhnikov. An average of 40,000 Israelis, mostly military personnel on vacation, visit India each year.

As expected, the Zionist-controlled media immediately blamed Harkat ul-Jihad Islami in the neighboring Pakistan for the blast. A few months ago, a similar bomb blast in Mumbai had killed 21 and injured 141.

In July 2011 – Asif Mohammad Khan, member New Delhi Assembly, in an interview had claimed that Israeli and American intelligence agencies connections cannot be ruled out in coordinated bomb blasts in Mumbai.

“They (Mossad-CIA) wanted to destablize the region by driving India and Pakistan to war with each other. Somehow they have succeeded in destablizing Pakistan and now wanted to create instablity in India also,” said Asif.

On November 28, 2008 Mumbai was hit by Mossad terrorists who used Nariman House as operation center. Nariman House is operated by the radical Chabad Jewish organization as half-way for Israeli tourists. Chabad is known for its close relation with Israeli Mossad. The terrorist attacks killed 172 people and injured over 250.

The purpose of this latest false flag operation is part of Israel-India continuos efforts to impose a western backed war against Pakistan, the only Muslim nuclear power.

A recent declassified document of RAW has finally brought the CIA-Mossad-Raw skunk out in public. According to the document the trio planned a covert stratagem code name “CIT ‘X’ Operations“, to be executed through the ‘Dragon Policy (terrorist operations)’ to destablize Pakistan.


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